JimHardy's Sequoia

corbeano(5)June 19, 2014

Has anyone heard how Jimhardy's banana, palm, and sequoia did this past winter? I'm really curious with how brutal the weather was.

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Everything is fine, except maybe the sequoia. I think it may have died. Check the other boards. I don't know that he comes here that often anymore. He's been posting updates on the Hardy Palm and Subtropical board and they have an archive. I believe he changed his name recently to Jim in Iowa too, so check both.

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Thanks for the help!

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Last post I seen from Jim with a sequoia update was pretty grim.

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Hey thanks for asking...

The Sequoia is dead unfortunately-no other palms that were covered were lost.

What it looks like now....still standing and still has a purpose-more on that later.

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