Good time to re-pot?

Andrea781March 13, 2013

Hi! I have a beautiful 2 yr old plumeria. Last year was the first year it bloomed, I started it from a rooted cutting the previous year after returning from my honeymoon. After using Hawaiian Bud and Bloom last year for the first time, it branched out. Now my plant is about 5 feet tall with 3 branch sprouts at the tip, and some leaves which didn't fall off since they were absolute 1/2 inch when winter started it. It's definitely time to re-pot and I'm wondering what I should do.. I'm going to go buy a big pot for it as well as cactus soil to fill, should I fertilize right away?? Or just water with super thrive? I'm in NY and temps are not over 50 yet.. Should I wait til April to re-pot??? Or ok to do now??

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it`s OK to repot it now, don`t fertilize it-I usually don`t fertilize anything after repotting for a couple of months or longer. You can wait to water it until the temps get a bit warmer where you are or it starts putting out new leaves.
Congrats! I am always amazed at those of you growing tropicals in the frozen northland.
The general opinion now is that short squat pots are better than tall thin pots.
Tally HO!

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