Are Silence and Isolation Next?

jodik_gwMay 8, 2012

A little boy is suspended from school for trying to impress a girl with a song, karaoke style, and a very popular song, at that... is this sexual harassment? Or is this just taking it all way too far? Do kids this young even know what sexual harassment means? Or do they just mimic the songs they hear, whether on the radio, on tv, in commercials?

What's next for our children? Complete silence and isolation? Will they be taken to task for talking to each other? Will the next set of rules include silence, no interaction with each other, no socializing, and will the punishment be expulsion?

Have we gone off the our rockers, here? I think so.

What do you think?

Here is a link that might be useful: Colorado first-grader suspended

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While I think a charge of sexual harassment may be a bit much for a six year old, this is the second time this child has bothered that little girl and the report I heard was that the little girl wanted him to stop bothering her.

Additionally, this child has had other behavioral issues at school.The mother came across to me as not taking any of it seriously.

As with most news three is more to it than reported.

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tobr24u(z6 RI)

You know what suggestive behavior leads to. Who knows what might happen in the second grade if this is not nipped in the bud...

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He was sent to the principals office the first time he did it, and received a stern warning that the song was not acceptable according to school policy, and not to sing it at school again. What choice did he leave the school?

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hamiltongardener(CAN 6a)

I'm on the fence here.

While I believe the child is not old enough to really understand "sexual" harassment and it seems too much of a charge, I also understand that it was not the first time he had done it and had been warned about it, as well as previous behavioural problems. The little girl he was harassing also has the right to feel comfortable at school.

Perhaps they might move him to a different classroom, and if he starts on another girl, THEN take it a step further?

Of course, we know there were previous problems but we don't know the extent. Perhaps they have already tried everything.

I'd need more information.

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes(5)

He learned his first lesson about relationships with girls. If you wish to impress her, be a gentleman, not an imitator.

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hamiltongardener(CAN 6a)

He learned his first lesson about relationships with girls.

What? Wiggling your groin at a girl while proclaiming how sexy you are, and you are aware how sexy you are, that doesn't impress the chicks?

Jeez, I guess it's time to try that obnoxiously loud exhaust system on the truck while hanging testicles from the trailer hitch... THAT'LL impress her for sure...

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kwoods(Cold z7 Long Is)

Bullying behavior. He's a kid and has been sent the wrong messages, society, home, whatever. Sounds like he might benefit from counseling.

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He's 6. He doesn't know sexual harassment from Adam. He knows a song he heard. He liked it, and he thought the little girl he liked might like it, too.

In my day, you knew a little boy liked you when he hit your arm, or paid you any attention, negative or otherwise.

But we can't touch other students today. And now, we can't even sing to them.

And we wonder why people grow up without really ever growing up, or why we have so many problems within our society...

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No doubt some bullying will straighten him right out.

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he needs 24 hour a day counseling for at least 36 months & should be registered as a Junior Sex Offender!
He should also be put on heavy dose of some kind of drug surely some drug company has a pill out there for this kind of PUPPY SEXINESS.
What a culture

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I don't know whether to laugh at the hilarity of it all, or cry at the madness that has infected our social constructs like a disease.

The kid is 6. Maybe we should try him in court as an adult and put him away for life in one of those privatized prisons someone is profiting mightily from. Oh, and let's not forget those heavy doses of zombie medication with side effects aplenty.

What is wrong with the human race today? Have we lost all common sense and the ability to think semi-normally?

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tishtoshnm Zone 6/NM

A 6-year-old is old enough to know that if he is told not to do something again, he should not do it. He chose to do it again so if it was left at that, he would have learned that disobedience has consequences.

What I have to wonder about is the mother's statements about trying to get this off his record. How much does your elementary school record really follow you around, or more to the point, impact your life. I don't recall any of my elementary school records being necessary for college applications or to secure employment. I personally think the parents are the ones over-reacting and should have let it drop with the school and spent more of their energy on educating their child about respecting people's space and that stop means stop.

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He needs to be lobotomized and put on some serious medication.

Actually once again Jodie and I are on the exact same page. When it comes to kids we agree on most anything.

All the adults are overreacting. The boys mother keeps calling him an adolescent. I hope it is just a vocabulary lapse. Surely she doesn't believe her child is an adolescent?

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The school my grandson ALMOST went to in San Antonio did not allow the children to speak, at all, during the school day. No speaking. Period.

Thank god they moved to El Paso.

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...a lot of our early sexual exploration took place during my elementary years. Boys trying to "cop a feel" with girls that were "developing" and spin the bottle. My my my if my daddy had only known, he would have done hard time and I would be in a convent.

Over-reaction much folks ? PC gone wild SMH

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