Tlowery04 - 2011

tlowery04(6b/7a)March 6, 2011

Well, this is as far as it goes thus far. I have

three red tree habanero de arbols

4 white habanero

a s*$tbox of 2nd gen cayennes (10 or so in red cups and another dozen in 4 packs, and a mass tray that looks like a forest of two leaf plants)

28 Biker billy jalapenos

5 black pearls

4 Black Scorpion Tongue

6 goat's weed

2 aji benito

6 NuMex Big Jim

12 Fish Peppers

4 fatali

9 lost tag plants, dont even know if they are peppers, could be eggplant

there are more i just cant think of them at the moment

This year i emphasized cayennes and jalapenos so that my father and I could make some spices to share with the family. Last years cayennes (mostly long slim) did very well, and our jalapenos were great also. We love food with a bit of kick in it and I'm hoping to make a good rub for bbq this year (accepting suggestions =) ) If all goes to plan i should have another two full rows of just cayennes, probably two rows of jalapenos, and a quarter to a third of a row for the other varieties that basically i only eat and are experimental this season. Another one i liked last year but have not gotten this year was garden salsa. The pepper was not very hot at all by itself but when grilled an immense amount of flavor and a good bit of medium (to me) heat was released. I would love to have some NuMex peppers but last year they did very poorly. The bad thing is, it's almost planting time, I'm out of space, and i haven't even begun to start my other vegetables other than cold crops and tomatoes, and the flowers i was going to grow this year to attract bees.

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I like to sprinkle a little Buckwheat on the ground for the bees. Nothing like it. Attracts everything. The buckwheat flowers are by far the super best to attract beneficial bees and other beneficial bugs. It also is grown to build up the soil.

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good idea, i'll think about that.

I also now have 3 Pequin plants
3 red tree habanero (habanero de arbol)
1 Peru Red Rocoto
9 Marbles
4 Trinidad Hot Cherry Pepper
2 Yellow Manzano Villarta

Kelllogs Breakfast Toamto
Berkley Tie Die
Golden Tiger Roughwood
Garden Peach

My Wild Onion has also started to come up in its bed and I have planted Alissa? onions in my garden and some of the Atwoods variety. My Purple Graffiti Cauliflower and Broccoli Romanesco are also i nthe ground at 7 and 6 plants respectively

and also have a Goji Berry Thing growing it's little bitty though.

I have thought about growing some tea ingredients but I would have to plant a bunch of stuff in the garden first to free up space

and still attempting:
Cherry Bomb
Fiesta Serrano
Chile Negro
Ecuador Red
Red Tomarillo
Yellow Tomarillo

Also I have become fairly certain that the 9 un named plants I have may be Eggplant. time will tell

More pictures tonight when I get back from class

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These Are my Unknowns - I think they might be eggplant - just as likely a pepper though

view across some trays

Red Tree Habanero - This one is going to be a house plant once it gets good and going

view 2

Peppers Almost ready for red cups or small pots, whatever I get them in first

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Looks like you're doing great. You're on your way to a good 2011 harvest!


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Your UGO (unidentified green object)looks like an eggplant, and I have great envy for your growing setup. :)

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Worms Already? REALLY?

I'll take care of these little guys tomorrow

Bradford Pear in bloom

Redbud and the front of my shed

Freckles and Brownie keeping her in line

attempting hardening off on a windy day

The garden, tilled and ready

Garden junk getting sorted out and mowing down the weeds

The farthest bed is Wild Onion, the middle is Asparagus, and the closest is garlic, although i havent finished clearing out the old weeds yet.

Two broken cats. They just don't work anymore... Actually they both are fairly lively just not at the moment. The one on the left (boots aka tuxedo cat) I found in the woods as a kitten, she walked right up to me. She has survived being abandoned, hit by a car and shot twice, all in the last year. The one on the right, Blackie is old enough that nobody remembers when we got her only that it has been more than 13 years since our neighbor had a litter of black kittens.

Another free tree from the dumpster =)

First Asparagus

This is Not Asparagus

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The "not Asparagus", could it be garlic? Probably a flower...

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Nice pics! You've got a lot of room! ;-)


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mere johnson grass

I've already hand picked a 5 gallon bucket of JG and Bermuda out of the garden as it's started to come up

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photo update

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hey all, haven't updated in a while I know. Just wanted to say my garden was hit (along with my house and shop buildings) by a tornado and I haven't had time yet to get to fixing my garden. all my prep work and care and i MIGHT have 15 or so plants left in my garden =(

oh well, pics after weeding and cleanup is finished

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Ouch! Hate to hear that! At least you're ok!!

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oh man, that is terrible to hear!!!!!

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That is awful T .Did any of your plants survive? I am glad you are OK.

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The garden can be replanted, and the shop and house can be rebuilt. I'm just glad to see that you are still here with us.

Please keep us updated. :-)

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well, winding up my 2011 gardening year, i had photos of the garden and house and buildings after the tornado but for the life of me i can't seem to find them. I dug up two black scorpion tongue 4 biker billy jalapenos and 5 second season cayennes, one that almost seems like a serano/cayenne cross but only put on one or two peppers (which i ate). I'll try my hand at overwintering but I dont expect a lot, hoping to get atleast one of the jalapenos and cayennes for indoor plants. I still have a medicine bottle full of harvested cayenne seeds for next year.

Garden's going to need a heck of a lot of work for the next season, most of my topsoil was sucked away leaving only hard clay soil and roofing shingles. Now mostly interspersed with bermuda grass and johnson grass with a dash of hogs weed sporadically interspersed.

We've got the garden shed mostly rebuilt, currently waiting for insulation and I'm going to try to build a good sized green house having found a shop that told me they would sell the translucent panels pretty cheap seeing how they have had them in their salvage shop for years.

Good luck all with 2012 - one step forward and two steps back I guess haha

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t-bird(Chicago 5/6)

Best of luck Tlowery!

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