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mulberryknobJuly 30, 2012

even though I said I was through. Today put 11 pints of tomatoes in the freezer and have two large cookie trays full of roasted, cut and floured okra freezing. I will put it into a gallon bag after it freezes for fried okra next winter.

Well, DH and I were disappointed in the Kiwano, or African Horned Melon. We let one turn orange and cut it, but the inside was full of hard seed, like an overripe cucumber without much usable pulp. I guess if you had a bunch of them ripe at once, you could scoop out the seeds and pulp, press through a colander and get something out of it, but I won't be raising them again. The DTM is too long. There are probably 20 fruit out there is varying sizes, but I'm not going to water them anymore. The flavor was nothing to rave about. Kind of a sour cucumber flavor. Not bitter, kind of lemony.

I would rather have cucumbers and Armenian Cucumbers which are a bit more heat tolerant than regular cucumbers. I still have finger size Armenians out there and will go on watering them for a while. The regular cucumbers have given up and been pulled out.

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I planted Armenian cucumbers last year and like them better than any fresh cucumbers I have eaten. I did not plant any this year because I had volunteers that came up in the lawn and I just moved them to the garden. I have one plant growing in a gravel pile.


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I put up a temporary fence and turned the chickens into the area where my cucumbers were. They served me well and I made lots of pickles.

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