New plants, new blooms, an ID needed.

bradleyo_gwJune 18, 2012

Picked up some good deals over the weekend and a few more today. I got a canna tropicana on clearance for $3 and a large philodendron for $7.88. Got some pics of the ones I planted this weekend.

jasmine 50% off for $5.48

mandevilla 50% off for $4.99

labeled musa 'cavendish' - $4

coloacasia 'royal hawaiian hilo bay' - $4.99 ea.

alocasia - need ID - $4

hibiscus 'exotic electric blue' - $5.25

labeled hibiscus 'red' - $5.48

what the side bed looks like now

BBB bloom

eucomis coming up

some sort of black calla from Joe K - lost the tag

Some yuccas from Jim K - I've planted one of these since this pic and another in my desert bed.

castor flower

Hopi starting to flower

A good deal of Chicago Hardies already

Some random shots you've seen from different angles

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Great pics and amazing prices. Im not sure on the id but it might be a small macrorrhiza

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Great deal on your new plants. Everything is looking good!

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