First 100 degree day...

mulberryknobJuly 1, 2011

over here in Green Country that won't be green long if it doesn't rain. My thermometer is in the shade on the north side of the house and it got up to 100 for a couple hours today. I hate not being able to be outside except for a couple hours each morning.

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Yesterday was your first 100-degree day of the year? Wow!

It was our tenth one, officially, although at our house it was about our 15th. We've already hit 100 again today too. However, despite a lot of early "100s" this is not our hottest June by far, and I don't even think it is the hottest one we've had since moving here. I'm tired of it all the same.

We got over being green a long time ago. Earlier this week, some rain fell, with a part of Thackerville and part of the Burneyville area getting about an inch although the rest of us got significantly less. However, the brown fields greened up a little even in the areas where only a quarter-inch or half-inch of rain fell. Every little bit of green helps.

I usually am outside by 6 a.m. and then go out again after 6:30 p.m. although it still is pretty warm at 6:30 p.m. Most nights, we are still in the mid-90s at 10 or 11 p.m.

The nights were staying up between 76 and 80 for a while now, but this week they cooled off a bit more, so the cooler early mornings have felt wonderful the last couple of days.

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I honestly don't know if the rain has helped much! But it's definitely triple digits here,too.

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I know Dawn. I live in a cooler wetter part of the state than most on here. Although when it's this hot I stay under the a.c. anytime it's over 90 so it doesn't feel like cooler and wetter. We had some nights that were close to 80 too. That makes it hard to be out even at 6 am, because with temps that high overnight you know and feel that it's humid. Some summers we spend a couple weeks in Calif in the eastern part of the state at Bishop where the range is 40 dgrees between overnight and midday--65 to 105. Last year I saw people walking to work at sunup wearing jackets at 63 F and all I could think was, "You'll have to carry that thing home this afternoon when it's 100." Sister in law says that the Sierras had a heavy snowfall last winter and she can drive a couple hours into the mountains and get very cool while driving between walls of snow still yet. It snowed in Mammoth last week. Here if you want to get cool you would have to drive a day and a half in to Colorado mts.

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Dorothy, Y'all probably have a higher heat index than we do most of the time because you do have more humidity. One advantage of low rainfall is our RH values often fall into the 20s in the afternoon, so often our heat index is lower than our air temperature. I was just really surprised y'all hadn't already hit 100 at least once. I hope your plants are still mostly green. Ours went really brown in June but then some of the most southern parts of our county got an inch of rain (we only got a quarter inch that day) and the plants in that part of the county really greened up again. Today that's where almost all the grassfires have been. The little bit of greenup has tricked people into thinking the fire risk is significantly lower, and it isn't.

Today we hit 104.5 in the shade on our porch, although I think the mesonet station topped out at 103. I just feel sorry for all the firefighters out fighting fires today in hot, heavy protective gear in temps at or above 100 degrees.

So far, we've hit 100 every day in July. I am not amused. Unless our forecast has changed, we're expected to hit 100 for at least the next 4 days. They keep teasing us by sticking a forecast of 99 degrees out several days into the future. However, as that day grows closer, the 99 becomes 100 or 101 or worse.

I've been through worse summers----1980 was so much worse than this one. I was a lot younger then, and the heat didn't bother me like it does now.

The garden looks great in the cool morning air, then wilts and droops and fades and just looks awful by mid-afternoon. Around sunset it starts perking up again. I understand just how it feels.

I'm ready to make that drive to Colorado!


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You are very lucky. 100 degree hit our place long long ago. Its very hard for me to keep soil moist for a day. Only peppers, eggplants and Okras are doing great without watering them regularly. Rest of the plants needs watering everyday and its very difficult to water them each and every day while devoting all the time for twins... praying for rain!

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