Washingtonia palm is Yellowing and browning

RichardC7(6b-7a)June 11, 2012

Hi guys! I'm new to this Forum, and love it! but i have one BIG problem, my Washingtonia palm looks as if its dying!!! I tugged on the top new ffrond, and it wasnt loose, which means its not completly dead yet. could i have over watered it? i watered it daily.... is that too much? :( I had also notice that i saw many "pincher bugs" not too far from it, could they be destroying the roots?! i put some homemade food on the palm when it began too.... heres the link: http://www.ehow.com/how_5235029_make-enhance-growth-rate-palm.html

As instructed, i put 1 ounce of it per gallon of water.... it has HELPED my banana trees.... BTW does anyone know how big my musa basjoo will get this year? they are maybe a foot tall! thanks! and will they get bigger next year?!

i bought the palm from Willis Orchards BTW.... and i live near Pittsburgh :)

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Here is the link to the picture :) sorry!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Can anyone identify which Washingtonia this is?!

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Sorry to say, but everytime I've had palms look like that they've ultimately died. I have one washy like that now, it did it after digging up last year, although not to that extent. Ity's back in the ground this year with 1 frond and struggling to produce a new one. Usually by the time they are as bad as your, there's not much chance. How long have you had it? Willis Orchards is one of those "nurseries" that we've always thought to be one and the same with the infamous TyTy. Outlandish claims, ridiculous prices, questionable product. If you just recently got it, try to send it back. Good luck.

BTW, I don't know if you saw my other post on JohnnieB's thread, but I am also in the the burgh, Irwin to be exact. There's a handful of us out here, but most of us are on the silent side on the boards.

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