Cool down #2 next week (end of July)?

scottokla(7)July 21, 2014

My favorite weather blog and a local forecast have a strong system impacting us next Mondayish. Nothing extreme, but if they already show 50% chance of precip then I'm optimistic. Forecast high in the 80s.

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I just saw that on the news! (News 9--David Payne) Possible highs in the 80's in the 9 day forecast. Oh, I hope so!

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Guess I may come back home again!



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This one is looking similar to the last cool spell, although maybe not quite as extreme. However, if the coolest air coincides with wet weather again, similar conditions to last week could occur. It's too early to tell. I am very confident on the much cooler temps and at least some rainfall. It remains to be seen whether we'll see record cool temps again.

It's much preferred to today's heat and humidity. It feels like southern Louisiana here in Tulsa today.


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I listened to the Don Day forecast today. His group was the only one saying we had any chance of rain last evening. Most of this area received .5 to 1.5 of moisture last evening. They are saying hot temps through Saturday here with low 90's by Sunday. And slight chance of rain tonight and tomorrow evening. Then Thursday they say we will see an increased flow of subtropical moisture moving in and a steady increase in moisture chances. The NWS did raise their predictions slightly during the day today. But not near where the Day group thinks we might have. They haven't gave any temps beyond next Tuesday/Wed and they are saying lower to mid 80's which will be a big improvement. After the rainfall last night I have went over 13" and the most I've seen here since 2007 or 8. Will have to go back and look. So in recently uncharted waters. Hopefully the rainfall will continue to be widespread. It looks like this year may turn out to be a tomato year and I didn't start a plant. And only planted around 14 plants total. Overall the garden is doing great. The Day group seems to be the only one that even knows SE CO, SW KS and the extreme Western OK Panhandle even exist. So I trust them more than any other source.

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

I'm hoping this cooldown slides far enough south to reach us. For us, they're still forecasting high temps in the 90s, but at least it is the low 90s instead of the upper 90s or low 100s.

Moni, Are you visiting your daughter in NM? You need to hurry home and suffer through the ridiculous high humidity and heat with the rest of us. : )

Lee, I've been watching your dewpoint and heat index all week....and it is amazingly high (and you know that I mean it is amazing in a bad way). On any given day, no matter how hot and miserable it has been here, it has been so much worse there for you. I hope y'all get some relief soon.

Last night, after I finished a 12-hour canning day, Tim told me that it was my fault the house was so hot. Granted, a day of canning does make the house hot and steamy, particularly the kitchen, but I told him it was just as hot and steamy outdoors as indoors. We've been waking up every day to foggy skies, which is unusual in July.

Jay, I am glad you're having such a nice, rainy year there. I mentioned to Tim that you were having great rainfall for your area and he asked "how long has Jay been in drought?" and I told him "I think for as many years as I've known him on Garden Web". That is sort of mind-boggling, isn't it? It is about time. Maybe next year will be a continuation of the rainy trend.

I think your area is extremely difficult to forecast, and y'all don't get a lot of attention because it is so far from any big population centers. At least you have the Day group that you can rely upon.

It is so unfortunate you didn't plant any of your own tomatoes, but really, how could you have known the weather would finally be cooperative and drop actual rainfall in measureable amounts? You'll enjoy the tomatoes you do get just as much as if you'd raised them all from seed yourself.


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Dawn, not in a hurry at all. Only reason I am coming back, orientation for my job is on Monday. :(

The grandkids are just to much fun to be around.


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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Moni, I assumed you were there and figured you were having a lot of fun with the grandkids and, well, you know, with their parents too. : )

Maybe the cooldown will welcome you home with cooler weather than we're having this week.


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school orientation next week for me too. Already. It makes it sound like summer is over. Well we will enjoy the cooler days for sure even if we are in training.

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Our forecast finally shows a much cooler day next week---the last time I looked at it, our coolest day will be next Wednesday with a high of 82. I can hardly wait. I'm trying real hard to get caught up on all the canning so I can be outside playing in the garden dirt on that cool day next week. It seems like I'm always stuck indoors canning when I'd rather be outside because I'm always about a day or two behind on getting everything canned.

Moni and Kim, It does make it feel like summer almost is over with you two talking about orientation. Our friend who is a relatively new schoolteacher (this will be her second year) has been up at the school getting her classroom decorated and ready. With all the stuff she has to do all summer, it seems like she barely has any down time at all.

When the school supplies start appearing in stores here, I've noticed the garden supplies start disappearing too (not completely, but just bit by bit by bit). I guess the stores think we all stop gardening in mid-summer just because it is time to sell school supplies.

I hope y'all can sneak in a little fun time outside next week after your days of orientation/training. It would be a shame if you miss the whole cool spell because you're stuck indoors.


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I have gotten lazy sleeping till 7 so maybe next week I will get up at 5 like normal and get out o the garden before class. then I can really enjoy the cool

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I am still getting up at 5 am Oklahoma time. Should be no problem. We have a orientation/training on Monday, 3 hours, then 3 more hours at a date not determined yet, and school starts on August 4.

I am ok with it... just hope, the AC in this "new to me" school kitchen will work a WHOLE lot better than at last years location.

Still will be off by 1:30 PM, thus, lots of daylight left for me. :)


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I see talk, there may be even another cool down, in the August 5 - 8 window.

I don't fully understand this graph, but it comes from a meteorologist, so it must have some validity :)

If this happens, this is fantastic.

I just hope we get more rain with these cold fronts.

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Wow Moni we don't go back till the 18th. Kitchen cleanup one week then kids the 25th. I too get off early enough to still have plenty of time for the garden and canning.

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Lisa_H OK(7) 9 said the same thing tonight. Cool down next week and then again the following week.

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The NWS has us almost certainly to have below average temperatures and a slightly higher than normal chance of rain for the next 2 weeks.

I'll take some 65 degree nights and 90 degree days and be thrilled.

We need rain, but not an emergency yet.

Here is a link that might be useful: NWS 8-14 day outlook

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