Transplanting a Sago Palm

warartJune 5, 2010

A guy down the street from my wants to give mt a 40-50 year old Sago Palm. He has a back hoe and will dig it up for me. The thing is, I looked around the net for information about what time of year they can be transplanted safely and read different accounts of it. Some say do it in the growing season, some say do it in while it's dormant. Anyone have any personal experience doing this or know for sure? Thanks for any info.

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You can pot it now. Just make sure that you fertilizer it and cut off some of the leaves (but probably best not to cut them all off unless they all start to yellow). It might not make a new flush of leaves till next spring so make sure it gets good care even during the winter.

Good luck!

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This is the Sago. The guy said it was 40-50 yo but I'm not sure. To me it looks like it couldn't be a day over 30. Obviously it hasn't been taken care of and got a bit frost bitten last winter. I've grown Sago's for years, so I know what the requirements are, I just never attempted to move one so large. I wouldn't even think about it but the guy said he would dig it up for free and if I don't take it, it will be cut down. I was thinking about building a container for it because I've had better results doing that with other large plants I've moved. What I would do is, trim all the fronds off the stems (if it's multi-stemmed) except the very tops. Get a large as I can root ball and place it in filtered light for a while. Make sure it doesn't stay wet but doesn't dry out either and just cross my fingers.

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I would trim all the bottom fronds off and probably cut off a few of the babies to give it a better apperance. I would plant it in the ground only because it is already pretty huge so it probably has pretty deep roots. Im not sure of the age but its probably between 30-50 years old being closer to 30 if it was grown as a pup and closer to 50 is from seed.

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An off topic reminder about King Sagos (and a few others). I had no idea how toxic they were until a few years ago. Just in case you have a pet that is a chewer and you didn't already know.

Here is a link that might be useful: From UF

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