plants turning yellow after termite tenting

lilafterMay 1, 2006


i have a distressing problem. after my home was tented for termites, i noticed the plants' leaves began turning yellow within 2 days.

these are outside plants and were not covered during the tenting process but within 6 inches to 2 feet away from the building.

the ones that seem most affected are the agapanthus and siberian irises- leaves nearing 50% yellow, wilting and drooping. the flower shoots are dying off with blackish mush in the stem. marigolds and geraniums and succulants seem ok except for their drooping.

i tried a search but the only thing i found was that other temite co' reccommended heavily watering the soil/plants to "prevent vikane from entering soil and affecting plants".

my termite co did not mention anything (i didn't water them) and assured me the plants outside would be unaffected. i called today- 5 days post tenting but they are not claiming any responsibility as the plants would of died right away from the vikane

i've been watering them well since, but they aren't looking any better. is it possible the gas entered the soil and is slowly killing them? or is it just a fluke? is there any way to turn them around to be beautiful again?

please advise and wish me luck.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

It is a FACT that Vicane will harm plants that are close to the tenting process. It would not necessarily have taken place right away. Your exterminator is one hundred percent liable for plant damage if he did not warn you of this. Review the details of your contract carefully. He did provide you with a contract, right? Arm yourself with information directly from the can find all of that information on line.

I wonder what else you were not warned about.

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thanks for the reply, the termite co is coming tomorrow to check the landscaping. i wish they would of told me about watering them well before the tenting.

i realized the agapanthus is suffering the most because of its thick "roots?" - they allow a lot of air pockets to form and must of created air pockets of vicane gas causing them to look so bad.

do you think they will survive if i remove, rinse and replant them?


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I doubt they will survive. The chemical has already been taken up into the plant's system. However, I would understand the need to experiment with them.....

BTW, any plant that is within 2 feet or so of the property can be damaged whether it has been watered carefully or not. I would expect that the fine print on the contract says that they will not be legally responsible for such damage.

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My Agapanthus plants are suffering after our termite tenting. Some of the plants were 2-10 feet from the tented home (for fumigation). It seems some have already turned completely yellow and are gone BUT some are just turning yellow at the tips of the leaves. Any suggestions on how to help these surviving???

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If plants 10 feet away are adversly affected by this poison then the pest control company did not properly tent your house and some of that gas leaked out and reached those plants, or maybe they removed the tent too soon and gas drifted over there.

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I have a related question, and I think this thread might contain the answer. Here it is:
I have a couple of climbing roses and my house fumigation is scheduled for next week. I have been told that I can detach them and bend them so that they can insert the tent between the house and the plants. This is a big job though and I was wondering if the cold weather might give them a chance to survive under the tent. It it the gas killing them or the heat. Here in Southern California I would expect any plant to get burned under the tent on a hot summer day. The weather has turned colder recently (California standards) and I was hoping I could leave them under the tent.
I guess it is the gas killing the plants, not the heat. The water might help to some extent but not in my case. Can you confirm please?

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

The chemicals will kill your plants if the heat doesn't.

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gardenerme(z9/21 inland socal)

Roses can take a lot of heat. It may wilt the leaves, but the plants should be OK. I would definitely move them away from the tent.

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