Not growing leaves?

plumienewbie2March 28, 2012

I'm scared that my plumie isn't well. I have two of them that I got as cutlings last february, and they both grew well for living in Illinois. The one that isn't growing new leaves now was a much slower grower than the other, which has shot up about seven inches since I got it. The baby leaves on top just never want to grow any bigger. A couple of them that raised up a bit died and I had to pull them off. Is this normal for a plumeria? They slowed down a bit in the winter but they didn't want to winterize, probably because I had them in front of my kitchen's southern facing sliding glass door so they got plenty of sunlight. Do you know what could be wrong and what could I do?

Here is a link that might be useful: closeup of the baby leaves

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looks fine, give it as much light as you can.

how's the soil?

when's the last time you fertilized?

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

I agree with HT...Looks good to me as well... Do you have it in a fast draining mix? Watering when its dry and then giving it water. Fertilizer 1/4 to 1/2 dose at the first of spring. I think its doing what it is supposed to be at the period of time especially at this time of the year. Remember you are in ILL and even here in VB some of mine look just like yours. Just give them time. Remember...

As one person here on the web would say..."Plants are on plants time not people time? Be patient and you will see growth : )

Take care,


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As a follow up to the first post, they were actually in a potting mix that my dad already had that was just in a big pot in his shed. I'd say it's probably miracle grow. It just looked like regular soil with perlite. They seemed to like it well enough. But I actually just repotted them yesterday into bigger pots. I bought a bag of cactus mix for drainage but that only filled both pots halfway, so the rest of the pots have the miracle grow we already had mixed with sand. I mixed them all together really well. I also just bought bloom booster and fed them that for the first time this year, before I saw the 2nd post about giving them a half portion. whoops. lol

I'm just happy that my plumeria is healthy and it's normal for it to be slow. :) Thank you both. :)

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Newbie, don't worry, it looks quite healthy. You'll find when you have a few dozen of these that some grow very quickly, even in winter while others seem to remain in suspended animation all year. I'm in sunny Texas and even some of mine--under grow lights all winter, no less--are STILL dormant while others have shot up a few inches over winter. And they all shed some of those first few tiny leaves that don't develop; they go brown and shrivel up before falling off. No big deal.

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