Sand Plums

cactusgardenJuly 20, 2011

Has anyone noticed any sand plums this year or did the drought get them? I had a couple spots marked out in spring to go back to but don't want to waste the drive if there aren't any to pick.

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I havent looked but I would seriously think any animal / bird / insect would have had them by now just for the moisture.

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ok, first off - I've learned there is a difference in sand plums (lower growing bush) and Chickasaw plums (taller more tree like growth) and BOTH are native here in OK. However, they get confused with each other ALL the time..and rightly so. They taste and look very similar as far as the fruit.

That being said - I have a lush thicket of Chickasaw plums on the west side of our acres. Last year was an ABUNDANT year. This year looked very promising also....until the hail. was awful. The bushes were loaded but the hail did damage that wasn't apparent until the fruit started to ripen. So my adice would be to go take a look, but be prepared. They may have been beaten all the Hail and back.

Paula (who didn't get but maybe 4 wild plums)

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Gee Paula, that doesn't sound too encouraging. I don't think there was hail like that north of here but really, I didn't pay attention unless it was heading my way directly.

The ones I am talking about are those wild ones that grow low and wild along property lines, not the tree-like ones. Those others I wasn't even aware of. We used to always get them mid-July around Pond Creek but I couldn't remember exactly when and if I'd waited too long already.

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7


If y'all are really dry there, your chance of finding any sand plums is probably pretty low.

I noticed this week that both the sand plums and Chicksaw plums in our neighborhood are losing their leaves. I see no fruit on the plants whatsoever. In our part of Oklahoma, late frosts (as bizarrely late as the first week in May even though our 'average' last frost date is March 28) and hail got most of the fruit. Any fruit that somehow survived into late May either dropped or has been eaten because there's no native plums on any of the trees we see around us, including the ones on our property. There's no fruit on the Mexican Plum trees either.

Paula, That's 4 fruit more than we got from our trees this year!


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Can someone show me a picture or describe what a sand plum plant looks like? I've tried googling them with no success. It's my absolute favorite jam and I can only get it once a year at our annual czech fest :(
My mom says we used to have some growing at the farm, but I don't even know what to look for to see if there are still any existing.

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You need to spot them out in the Spring when they are blooming. You can't miss them then. They look typical in bloom to all Prunus species and are along fence lines usually, very pretty and are fairly well populated wild in the central and northern part of the state where I am. The blooms stand out and are white. The ones I see are low growing in a stand rather than singular trees.

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I would love to find some sand plum plants for purchase. I grew up picking them on the banks of the Canadian River and they made the best jellies and cobblers. The ones I am looking for were shrubs with small yellow to red plums. Does anyone know where to buy the plants?

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Try Oikos Tree Crop

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The sand plums in the area have been growing great. We have way too many to deal with. They can be bought at they sell trees, seeds, and the fruit for a really great price and they also ship around the US. They are much more enjoyable when you dont have to search for them. lol

Here is a link that might be useful: River Side Sand Plums

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Nice plug for yourself Riverside2222.

I never bought any... but found lots on my recent bike ride, in Texas. Yummm


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I picked a bunch Monday. Out Luther way.

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Ours ripened about a month early this year, just like the commercial plum varieties we grow, so they finished up down here about 3 or 4 weeks back.

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I still have a few scragglers...which I intend to harvest this week. Yes, Dawn - really early. Usually, Seedmama & I are just getting into the ripe harvest about now.

After that - I suspect there will be nothing for anyone to find.

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p-mac, After looking at the price of the trees, I have determined that your property is worth about a million. Right? LOL

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Those trees are weeds here and most all the landowners brushhog them down to the ground when they're small so that they don't take over any more ground than they already occupy.They really fill up the fence lines though. You just have to be brave enough to stand in tall Johnson grass to harvest the fruit from the fenceline trees! The coyotes eat oodles of them, and lots of green persimmons too.

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