They are all pink!

FlyingPete(10a)March 6, 2014

Well around 7-8 years ago I imported a whole lot of mixed seed from Hawaii, I had quite a bit of success in getting them to grow and soon had many plants. The plan was to hopefully get something new and interesting.

Over the years most of these plants are now gone for various reasons (given away, died, "lent" to other people).

Slowly they have been starting to flower, with three flowering successfully for the first time this year, however they are all the relatively common pink! Not particularly fragrant and the dropped flowers are not much good.

Long time to wait for that, still hoping some may give me something different...

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You just never know. Maybe you've propagated something everyone will be yearning to own!

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Aw man! Well, you never know with seeds, but I think a lot of sellers lie and say they are a particular seed but they aren't. And then some may be true but just may come out that way due to pollinator, etc.

If you are so inclined to try again, I've had great luck with seeds from Brad's Buds and Blooms. You have a better chance of getting something interesting from a rainbow / multi-color plant, don't pick seeds from white or light pinks.

Your flowers could possibly change a bit over the next 2 bloom cycles too. Good luck & keep us posted!

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I agree on waiting three bloom cycles just to be sure. Even rooted cuttings may change from the 1st bloom to the 3rd.

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"Congrats" FlyingPete on your patience waiting for blooms. Too bad they are "ugly ducklings" but you still might have a swan in the group. Lots of things impact the bloom so wait just a little longer to see if there is a change. Here's a plant that bloomed fall of '12 as I brought it inside but the inflo hung in there until spring and see how it changed as it went outside. Hard to believe even the shape of the bloom changed. I was sure it was an Aztec Gold with the 1st bloom but was in for a real surprise when it bloomed again outside. Peg

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