Leaves are not green enough

alphonsMarch 12, 2010

Hello Plumeria lovers,

My Question is that my Plumeria's are growing under

artificial light right now and some of them that get new

leaves are not green enough but more light green or yellow-green, what is the problem ? tx

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

Your leaves are going dormant. look for new leaf starts at the tip which should become this seasons growth. the old ones are dropped at this time or earlier in the year depending on many factors.

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Thank you for your answer, but i think it's more a nutrition
problem or a light problem, maybe too much light or less
(I use the lamps for 12 hours) I mean new leaves are
growing but some of them don't have the right colour, they
are too light, light green/yellow.

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pharoah(Sherman Oaks CA)

It's probably the artificial lights. Indoor Plumie leaves growing under artificial lights will never be the same as a Plumie grown outside in full sun. Once you start giving it true sun, I think the leaves will green up nicely, and will become thicker in texture....UNLESS it is deficient in either nitrogen, magnesium or possibly iron. Are you fertilizing it? If so, what are you using?


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Hello Tony,

I think you are right about that "the artifical lights"
They only get that light,there is no window.

I just started a mounth ago with giving them 20-20-20 and

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If you use artificial lights you need to be sure they are as close as possible to the plants. Unless they are high quality grow lights, Plumeria will get by but not thrive. There is some good info on growing plumeria and using grow lights in the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Growing Plumeria

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Hello Daperrin,

Thank you for you respond.

I saw that site before and i see also a pic. of a Plumie
with flower under that artificial licht.

I use TL lamps that they use for an aquarium too blue and
red spectrum with a combination of a Philips 830.

You know i am from Holland let's say a free country and
have a lot of grow shops where you can buy the right lamp.
But i don't like that bill's for using them. 600 watt or so.

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