Guyana wiri wiri

goofy_507March 16, 2014

So I'm on spring break in Arizona, and I noticed a swap meet in the area. I found this little marble shaped pepper called a wiri wiri! Never heard of it, but I loved the flavor! Is there a different name for them? Has anyone grown these? I'm also an avid hell gardener, and was wondering if anybody has some seed on hand? Wow I think this is a perfect fruit!

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Hi goofy, I don't have much to contribute, but since no one else has responded, here's what little I know about them. I got seeds about 4 years ago from a Guyanese fellow who lives in Florida. The seeds didn't germinate well, and I managed to grow two plants. The plants didn't grow well either, and by fall they were less than 1 ft tall. I overwintered them hoping they'd take off the next year. They grew a little better the second year but never produced pods. I gave up on them at that point and didn't try to keep them through a second winter. I posted a couple of times about them. AjiJoe, who contributes on The Hot Pepper forum, sent me more seed, but I never tried again. I've seen a few comments over the years saying that the pods have a great flavor and are used extensively in Guyanese cooking. Shame that I couldn't make them work for me. Maybe I had a batch of poor seed. It's one of the few peppers that has been a failure for me.

Hope this is of help.


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Wow! Thanks for your help! That makes me want to try it even more. I spend more time on the carnivorous plant and orchid forums, so finding a pepper that is difficult to cultivate sounds like a great challenge to me. It's a shame they never worked for you! After all the flavor is amazing in my opinion.

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no email address to send to...

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Did u have some seed smoke master?

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pfloyd826(Z7 DC)

I bought a wiri wiri plant from cross country nurseries last year and it did quite well. I unfortunately did not save any seeds though. The peppers were tiny, less than a cm in diameter.

Tasty and HOT!

Here is a link that might be useful: Plant from cross country

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VERY seedy pods though,gotta cook with them.

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They're amazing aren't they?! They are one of those that are soo good yet pretty hot! You have to chase the first with another hahaha!

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