Bare root grafted plumerias

ken_ny(Z10FL)March 6, 2011

I recently received a bunch of grafted bare root plumerias from Thailand. Do they need to be watered more often than an unrooted cutting to get them started? Any other special treatment needed?


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Hey Ken,
They survived the shipping with no problem? I am curious because I have a plumeria order in Hawaii right now. The order is paid in full but I was worried about inclimate weather killing them.

Do you know what low temps a plumeria cutting can handle?

I apologize that I cannot really help you since I have yet to acquire a grafted plumeria. Though I would think that yeah you would have to water more because the grafted plumeria have roots and they can easily absorb the water. I would still only water once if youhave no leaves. If you have leaves I still would have a water meter. Especially with them coming from Thailand. I would hate to see you lose any of them.

I never water cuttings that are not rooted. Well, I have a few times when I noticed that the cutting was puckering really bad. I still only gave it a tiny bit and it is still better to just spray them.

Please post pics when you have the chance.


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Ken,

Congratulations on your new cuttings!!!

If they were mine...i would pot up in your mix..then water thoroughly and place in indirect sun for a while...then introduce to the hot temps and direct are down in Florida right?
I would wait until they dry out again before i watered them...they will do fine Im sure..even give some superthrive and B-1...that will help...hopefully someone with more experience will chime in and give you some more advice...just thought i would tell you what i would do... : ) NBC has a few blooms on looks very happy..thanks Ken...

Hi Andrew...i will send you an email...Hello to you too!!

Take care everyone,

Laura in VB

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I got several bare-root plants in the fall and immediately soaked them in rainwater with SuperThrive in it, on nice warm days. I made sure the entire rootball was submerged and left them in there for a few hours at least. Then I potted them in 1-gallon or larger black plastic containers and let them enjoy some filtered sunlight.

They took several weeks to show signs of life, and frequently dropped whatever few leaves they had, but all have recovered very well and are starting to put out new leaves. Don't get discouraged if they are in shock for the first couple months. When the weather warms I'm sure they'll do great.


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