sago palms

tommy54June 10, 2014

does anyone know what to put on sago palms to keep the prongs pretty mine always get ugly I dont have the white stuff they get, they just get frizzy and ugly I go by this guys house all the time that has real pretty sagos and I seen him spraying them last year with some little bottle of something does anybody know what that might be ? I would stop and ask him but I never see him home if anybody knows what to do please let me know tommy

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When your new flush of leaves comes out, are they brown and mottled looking? That would indicate a Manganese deficiency. If the leaves are green for months and then get bad looking, that could be from other scales that are not the Asian scale you alluded to. Lastly, if mostly the tips start looking bad first, that is more of a lack of water compared to how much sun, or heat you are getting.?

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