chinese fan palm

jonpaJune 5, 2014

Hey all, I recently became ambitious and bought a pretty large chinese fan palm and planted it out back of my house. I did my research first before I did it and I read that those palms are pretty cold hardy. I'm still a little unsure if they will survive. They seem to be doing well, new fronds coming up in both plants, they have been in the ground for about 2 weeks. Has anyone else gad success with this plant in zone 7? Would love to know.

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k4idx(7 -GA)

I actually have had one here in Ne GA in the ground for about 5 years. If you protect it, it'll take the cold well enough, however, I have let mine remain unprotected for the last two years and it completely defoliates and comes back well into the summer. My two cents...if you have the time to give it the attention, you should have no problems. Oh, by the way, I assume you mean the Livinstonia Chinensis and not Trachycarpus Fortunei. Trachys handle a 7A very well. I have one that stays unprotected year round and is over 12' tall.

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Jonpa - Forget about livistonas, concentrate on sabal minors, needles, and trachies. I assume by your name you are near Philly. Please join us on the Hardy Palm and Subtopical board:

the Hardy Palms in Temperate Zones board,

and the Hardy Palms for the Northeast Board,

I like this board, however, these other boards are much more local and are more relevant to us here in Pennsylvania. No offense to anyone here, please feel free to join us as well if it applies to you!

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Thanks bradleyo+k4idx for the tips, and yes I'm near philly, about 40 min west

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Also I have a pindo planted between my 2 chinese fan palms, I heard they are pretty cold hardy as well. It seems to be doing well right now, I guess the real test will be when it starts getting cold out, around mid November

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