Spare cuttings?

thais_lex(9)March 12, 2014

hello everyone! :D

After living in envy of my brother these last two years, I am excited to start my own plumeria collection and was wondering if anyone has started their spring pruning just yet? If so i'd love to hear from you and about how much a cutting would be. I am a starving student (whoot for tuition bills) so I can not pay too much but I not unwilling to pay a fair price for some pretty plumies ^_^. I really can only fit three pots on my little porch but I'm sure with your help they will be the cutest darn three pots that small porch has ever had ;D. Hope to hear from you all soon.


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tdogdad(Zone 9)

It might help if you mentioned what state and area you are in.

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Oh I'm in Southern California ^_^

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Shannon, Your "little porch " might get too small very quickly for 3 little pots with plumerias in them. :) My favorite is "tdogdad" comparison of our beloved plants, remember they want to be the size of VW's. How many can you park on your porch? Better look for some dwarf size ones! I brought one home on the floor of the front seat in my car. Within 3 months it was taller than me and would have only fit laying down then. Some just grow leggy. Most of us get into trouble in no time as they grow so you will be in good company. Peg

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haha well isn't that fun though that they got so big Peg? I always love seeing something so small grow XD.

I would love to park 3 of those babies on my porch LOL. My porch is moderate size, I honestly don't know the dimensions :P, but it is more than able to accomidate 3 moderate size (5-7 ft) plumerias and my sapling of an angel's trumpet ^_^. However, I understand what you mean :). I would prefer a species that blooms pretty easily (though I plan to fertilize with foliage pro bi weekly) and doesn't get too leggy because a 5 ft tall stick would not be too fun :P.

I have looked at dwarves, omg i love jj's thumbilina's, but before I bought form a site where I have no idea of the health or age of the mother tree I thought to look and ask around this lovely community ;D.

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Curious- what city in southern Cali? :)


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Andrew Scott

If your into species then I would check out local garden centers, Lowes, and even Home Depot. Several people on this forum have bought some beauties there. Dwarf Singapore Pink is a species and it has a really nice fragrance and the tree grows more like a bush. Flowers are a light pink, and to me the flowers smell like roses. I know some members here have found DSP in Home Depot or Lowes and I believe they were under $30. From what I have heard DSP is not easy to root from a cutting.

Good luck on your search :)

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Shannon, walk around your area and if you see Plumeria growing in yards, knock on the door and ask for a cutting. Also, would your brother share with you?

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Alright ^_^.

Kay:Truthfully I have asked my brother many times but as he had grown his all from seeds, they are still rather small and I think only two of his have even forked. Haha I may try that, may have to work up the courage to ask though ;P. Do you know if most plumeria growers know the "name" of their plumeria? I'd hate to ask some one for a cutting and afterwards find out that they don't know the name of it...I love all plumerias don't get me wrong ^_^ they're all very very beautiful flowers. I just always like my flowers when they have names :P.

Andrew: To be true, I have looked at Home depot and Lowes just this week, however the only species I found was an un-named "yellow flower" that looked like it was sunburned near the bottom of the trunk. However, I know that we will be having a plant sale at my school where I had purchased a very nice three pronged plumeria in the fall so I probably will check them out again ^_^.

Chuy: I live in the very warm city of Riverside ;)

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sagolover(10a SoCal)

Shannon, you may find this group of interest to you:

Try there, you might just like it. :)


Here is a link that might be useful: Inland Empire Plumeria

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haha darn I don't have a face book XD. hmmm may make one just for that don't know if i'll give into temptation, already planning on making one new addiction with plumerias not sure if I should add another just yet :P. Thank you though! I'll definitely look into it!

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alright mimma requested to join your group ^_^ i'm Shannon Smith ;D

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sagolover(10a SoCal)

Sorry Shannon, I couldn't find you there. This is a closed group, nobody from the rest of the FB can see what's posted there. We've already had a get-together (which I missed - working) and we're planning another one. Very exciting.

So the group is called Inland Empire Plumeria and is a closed group on FB. Most of the members reside in the Riverside area. :)


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oh hey that's great! I live in that area XD. Hmmm well I did request to be in the group...hmmm mysterious. I'll try again ^_^

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sagolover(10a SoCal)

Shannon, it's just not there, your request I mean.
What's your email addy so I can invite you from within the group? Maybe that's how it works, being a closed group.

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really? weird O-o. well my name is Shannon Smith and my email is ;P

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sagolover(10a SoCal)

Invitation sent! Check it and accept it if you want.

I'll be leaving soon for LA today so I'm not going to check again until evening.


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