Holes in everything and strange discoloration

joyalaura(8-9)May 4, 2012

I have 18 picante pepper seedlings and all look good except for two of them have strange discoloration on the leaves (first pic). Other than the colors and slight leaf disfiguration, they seem fine. I was scared it might be a virus, so I pulled those two and threw them away today. However, I'm afraid it might spread if it is a virus and don't know if I'm too late getting them out of the garden. I'm a newbie (2nd year) at this.

Also, I was having a few bug marks here and there so I put out some Neem oil and the next day it was like the bugs claimed war on me! I have these holes everywhere! (See the Photobucket "bugs" link) I don't know what kind of critter I'm battling but the diatomaceous earth seems to be preventing anymore damage.

Does anyone recognize exactly what kind of disease and bugs I'm dealing with? It would help me fight them if I knew exactly what they are. I haven't been able to catch the bugs in the act, but I'm pretty much blind as a bat, so that's not saying much. I put out nematodes a couple weeks ago and neem oil 4 days ago, now the diatomaceous earth frequently (keeping it fresh). It's WAR I tell you!! Die beeatches!! LOL Any knowlegable responses are greatly appreciated.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bugs and Diseases?

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I'm new here, thought it uploaded the disease pic, but not. All the pics are in the photobucket "Bugs and Diseases?" link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bugs and Diseases?

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

The strange discoloration is a virus disease. Discard the plants now.

As for the holes, go out at night with a flashlight & look at the undersides of the leaves. Likely caterpillars.

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joyalaura, HERE is a link that shows some images of virus symptoms. I'd say that you do have such an infection on the one plant.
As for the holes, they can be caused by beetles too; so keep an open mind...and eye!

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%hanks for the info and ideas. I found a larvae/worm resting atop a pepper plant. It was black and about 3/4" long. I killed it too quickly to get a better description or a picture. I'm thinking maybe Tomato Hornworm? I hate those bastards! I put out some BT yesterday. Between the nematodes, Neem, DE & BT, I can't believe I stil lhave one bug, let alone several! Ugh!

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