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thepodpiperMarch 1, 2014

I have some varieties that I only have one seed of and want to take all precautions before sowing. I have never soaked seed in h2o2 before and need some input from those that have. My concerns are the mold issue that sometimes accompanies using the paper towel/coffee filter method. Thanks in advance.

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DMForcier(8 DFW)

I don't soak directly in 3% hydrogen peroxide but do add some to the soak. Also to the paper towel when sprouting. It is also my experience that mold is not necessarily fatal to the seed. Strong seeds just seem to ignore it.


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Scuffing the seed with sandpaper in a pill bottle helps too. I've also read that a chamomile tea solution helps too.

With the peroxide, I would think a 10:1 ratio of water to peroxide couldn't hurt ---3%. I'm using a 4:1 ratio right now to keep damping off at bay. No ill effects at all.


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I have used 3% Hydro Peroxide at a 5:1 ratio before to water my seedlings where I had a problem with fungus gnats. Likewise didn't seem to bother the plants at all. But it is quite effective on the gnats.

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I read something in the FAQ section about germinating with a weak tea solution.

If I remember correctly, basically steep tea (any kind but instant) for 4 minutes and then discard, steep again for 4 minutes, then add water to make a quart. Place seeds between two paper towels and soak with tea solution. Put in fridge overnight and sow the next day.

I think it was claimed to produce a high 90% germination rate with this method.

I've never done it, but will try it this year due to an over abundance of seeds.

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I have done some reading on the tea thing as well but never bothered to use it. But, I think that they recommend Chamomile tea for what that is worth.

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

I have tried chamomile tea and it works. I bought a package of Chamomile tea bags just for my plants to relax: lol
Early on I saw few gnats and used CT. No more I have used it some years ago too, Make sure that it is pure chamomile.

BTW: I am adding a few drops of H2O2 when watering my seedlings. I think it is also beneficial. I have heard this years ago that during thunder showers, rain contains H2O2 and is quite good for peppers. I take a disclaimer (grin)

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Thanks for all the responses. I have been using h2o2 for gardening for some years now but my concern was solely for the issue of the mold that sometimes appears when using the paper towel method. I have read hear on the forums but can not find the thread where someone used h2o2 to prevent said mold by soaking the seeds in a solution of h2o2, or a mixture of h2o2.

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podpiper: I've seen it mentioned here, but there's plenty of info about it on other sites.


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Carolyn Males had mentioned using a pinch of water soluble fertilizer to the soak water to aid in germination of tomatoes. She mentioned the benefit of NO3 although I always thought it was the P2O5 that was necessary for germination.

Regardless of what you add I also would suggest omitting the paper towel and sowing the soaked seed directly into potting media. Try it for yourself and you'll be more inclined to avoid unnecessary steps. When I sow seed I always use 1020 trays and after soaking to the point of media saturation I insert tray into a 13 gal. plastic kitchen garbage bag and fold the end over. That way there is no further watering needed until after plants emerge. It works like a charm.

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