placed a seed order with Dust Bowl Seed

canokieJuly 29, 2014

Has anybody else here ordered from them? Their prices are pretty good and they seem to be based in Oklahoma as the description for one of the melons said it was especially adapted for Oklahoma's hot summers. All I need (for now) is Lacinto or Dinosaur Kale (can't find it in stores anywhere now!) but I was able to get several others on my wish list that are rather hard to find all in one place - Brad's Black Heart, Indian Stripe, an open pollinated variety of Sun Gold, luffa sponges, and Belle Starr Cantaloupe, that variety specially adapted to hot Oklahoma summers. All that was just over $18 including shipping, so I'm pretty happy.

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AmyinOwasso/zone 6b

I ordered from them recently. Fast delivery. I wanted their open pollinated Sungolds and the Czechoslovakian black pepper. I got several other things, too. I believe they are south of Muskogee.

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I asked him in an email and he responded this morning that they are located in Park Hill, which is over by Tahlequah looks like. They don't have everything on my list, but I'm definitely adding them to my bookmarks and will try to support them going forward. It will be interesting to see how their Sun Gold performs. I didn't know we had any seed companies in Oklahoma, so was glad to find them.

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I have never heard of them, but will sure check them out. I also like to support the local economy.

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Shelley, I'd never heard of them before, so thanks for sharing the info about them with us.

I found their comment on the melon interesting because I haven't had any trouble finding melons that do well here----they all have grown and produced just fine. However, my location trends hotter and drier than theirs. Often, when folks have melons issues here it is more because abundant rainfall (which y'all know I don't get very often) tends to promote disease, and melons fall prey to so many diseases in a wetter climate.

I like the idea of an Oklahoma seed company and hope they find great success.

Many, many people have attempted to dehybridize SunGold and there are several OP versions of SunGold out there. Some are available for trade and others are for sale. You can Google "open pollinated SunGold" and read all about them. So far, no one has produced a stable O-P version of SunGold that matches the superior flavor, vigor and productivity of the original SunGold F-1 and I don't know if anyone ever will. Dehybridizing the newer hybrids is harder than dehybridizing the older ones because the breeding lines now can have up to 8 parent varieties involved compared to just 2 parents back in the good ol' days when life was simpler.

I have tried quite a few OP versions of hybrid tomatoes and not a single one of them has been quite as good as the original, but there were a couple that weren't bad. Most weren't enough like the original for me to grow them again though. Some of them were unstable and produced off-types that needed to be rogued out.


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Thank you. Thank you. I'd much rather contribute to Oklahoma business and buy seeds grown in Oklahoma when possible.

I notice they provide a guarantee.

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There was a seed company in Ardmore, but I never saw any advertisements for them. I don't remember the name but they shipped a lot of seeds from there.

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7


I wonder if it was Bluebonnet Feed? We went in there once looking for some sort of supplies for our chickens or guineas long, long, ago. I don't even remember seeing seeds but it was a big, cavernous feed store near downtown and it did have gardening supplies.

The only other off-the-beaten path feed-and-seed store I found there in Ardmore was Agri-Products, which also is a feed-and-seed, and the first time I went in there, they had Willhite Seeds hanging on a seed rack on the wall in Willhite's distinctive plastic bags. It was the first time I'd seen Willhite's seeds in a store in a long time. I guess that was about a decade ago.

Shelly, Most places have a guarantee of some sort. I didn't look to see what theirs was. Normally it is a guarantee that the seeds will meet the minimum federal standards for germination, which is the minimum germination rate (by percentage) that is required.

I look forward to seeing how their seeds grow for you, and I imagine they'll grow just fine since any reputable seed company will do germination tests for each batch of seeds before they package them and ship them just so they know they are sending out seeds that meet the germination standards. I know that some of the seed companies I buy from will send you seeds from a batch that failed a germination test, but they'll double the seed count and note on the packet that you need to sow more seeds because that batch has a low germination rate. When I've gotten a batch with that note on it, I'll usually sow twice as much as usual....and sometimes all of them sprout, which makes me wonder why they failed the test to begin with.


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