Here Come the sun, there goes the heat!

andyandy(6bMI)June 27, 2010

87 and sunny yesterday, 79 right now with 82% humidity. We had some weather a few hours ago and the consistant 80s are gone for awhile. 85 and partly cloudy tomorrow. Nothing but sun for the 10 day forcast but down to 72 for a high Wed. Back to the mid 80s by the 4th. I've seen great growth all summer with the humid conditions. It's been a great combination of sun, hazy humid days and rain at just the right time. I can't lie though, mid 70s and sun during the work week is just fine. My banans are growing almost by the hour after the 2 inches of rain we just got. Cool or not, everything is getting a full dose of sun with no rain in the 10 day forcast. PS my tall started pushing up a new spear today.

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Very hot and very humid in Virginia (on par for the summer), BUT we are VERY dry. Grass has been cooked (brown and brittle). We need some rain really bad here!

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Hot here and wet as usual. I miss those 70s days.

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Hot, humid and dry in the NJ/NYC Metro. Also need rain badly.--It's been warmer and drier than normal since about April when we had virtually 'Santa Ana' conditions on a few days with sun, arid heat, and wind. Extended still looks really dry so keep those newly planted trees and shrubs on a regular watering schedule. Grass is already going summer dormant. 'Lows' last night were near 80 F in metropolitan areas and pushing into mid 90's later this afternoon.

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Yeah, brutal heat lately, and little to no rain. My outdoor thermometer is registering 94 right now with 35% humidity. And it's sitting in the deep shade of my tiki bar...Tropicals love it, but, damn, the water bill.

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Yea Andy-this is the first year in the last 3 we have had consistent warmth.
I am looking forward to the break from the rain/heat/humidity though,
over 14"rain for the month and temps running +6 lows +3 highs.
We have a streak of 38 days 80 or above,nice that even though the temps are cooling we will still
be in the 80s with comfortable humidity for a change!

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Heat on the way back. The last two days have barely hit 70 and fallen to 50 at night. Awesome sleeping weather. But look out 90 by Sunday. Just in time for me to hit the beached with 5 days strait off of work. I love it.

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The last couple of days have been glorious with highs near 80 and lows around 60 F. with mostly sunny skies but expecting significant heat wave on the East coast with temps forecast into the upper 90's for an expended number of days. We already have those red flag fire warnings out for the area. Really looks to be brutal especially as no rain is forecast. Watch your palms and other plants--they may burn in the arid heat (may of our more common palms are understory palms in the rainforest accustomed to relatively shaded conditions). I too am off from work and pushing to finish a deck before the heat moves in!

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Something tells me that the palms are going to be begging for water during this comming heat wave. I wouldnt be worried if it was humid, but it looks dry, sunny, and hot. Then temperatures will "cool" down to the high 80s and low 90s by the end of next week. Hopefully the rain and humidity will follow. Most of my palms should be able to handle some dry heat but we shall see!
Good luck!

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Tropicalzone7, we're not getting that hot but I know what you mean about the palms getting burned without water. I have not watered them since we got a couple of inches of rain Sunday because of how cool it has been. I'm going to give them a thorough watering in the morning. I'm taking my kids up north tomorrow and coming back Sunday. We topped out at about 74 today but the next four days are supposed to be 80 87 91 91. We have not gotten above 87 all year so I look forward to some 90s.

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At temps in the upper 90's with arid conditions, and with no clouds, I would watch for burning on these varieties outside:

Chamaedorea (nearly all will burn w.o. some protection)
Howea (kentia)
Rhapis (lady palm)
Cariota (Fishtails)
maybe even Phoenix roebellini (other Phoenix will be fine), Majesty and Areca palms too.

Even at this early point in the summer, NENJ/NYC METRO area's record for days in excess of 90 F. will likely be broken this year. This heat got cranking in early April this year. All the more extreme and noticeable after last year's weird cold summer.

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Andy, your forecast doesnt look too extreme so your palms should be okay. Anyone in the mid atlantic has a chance of seeing several days in the mid to upper 90s and even some triple digit heat with few clouds and low humidity. Im thinking about bringing my chamaedoras inside even though its in shade. Really going to be a lot of heat here. Low temperatures are going to be in the mid to upper 70s throughout the week maybe 80 for a day or 2 and high temps will definitely be exceeding 90 and even 95 on some days. I dont think there will be 100 degree heat here, but its going to be close.

The heat can be just as bad as the cold for some palms. Anything over 100 seems to begin to stress many out with the desert palms being an exception.

Good luck!

Good luck!

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Got back from up north about 1:30 this afternoon. It was 87 already. We have not seen a drop of rain since we got about 2 inches last Sunday. Some of my pepper plants and my Bananas were pretty droopy when I came home. The soil in my potted palms was quite dry as well. I soaked everything. with lows only hitting about 72 for the next 4 nights (warmer then the highs Tue and Wed) I expect to see the best growth of the growing season this summer as we are still at about peak sun.

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Currently 80 F just before 7:00 AM going to 102 F later. Bone dry but humidity is much higher today--still every day is cloudless. I drench all the plants every day and then use the fogger later in the afternoon when the yard really bakes. There is a lot of blacktop in back, temps must be at least 10 degrees warmer because of it. So I need to use high heat tolerant palms to help shade the area--Phoenix dates, Med. fans, and Queens mostly. (I'll be spending the day at the oasis putting in an outdoor shower area.) Try to keep you and your palms cool today people!

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