How to Properly germinate canary island date palm seedling CIDP

miketheaggieJune 25, 2012

Hello all,

I am a young guy in college, huge fan of the CIDP's and our 2 monsters were trimmed and I saved the dates on the bushel.

They are really ripe and were about 1 week away from dropping so I decided to let them ripe some more on the vine.

I have had the bushels inside a 55 gallon drum soaking in water which is changed every other day, for the past 4 days.

My question is that I have seen posts on various websites that say to remove the flesh, but It seems like every time I peel the flesh off I take out a vein that runs down the center of the seed which leaves it looking funny (almost like a de-veined shrimp.

Am I doing this correctly or should I just throw the orange seeds in a bucket after soaking for a week or so?

Any help would be great!!!!

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Peeling off all the fruit is highly recommended before trying to terminate any palm seed. Fruit can rot and fungus can grow and hurt the chances for the seed to sprout.

I've had my best luck from seeds that dropped and the fruit was already gone by the time i found the seeds. Soak the stone (it should look wrinkled) for 24 hrs in warm water, changing the water a few times. Plant in a good potting soil mix in small pots or six pack annual trays. Cover with plastic wrap and keep warm. They sprout really quickly.

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