Is my Washingtonia Robusta dying?!

RichardC7(6b-7a)June 11, 2012

Hi guys! I'm new to this Forum, and love it! but i have one BIG problem, my Washingtonia palm looks as if its dying!!! I tugged on the top new ffrond, and it wasnt loose, which means its not completly dead yet. could i have over watered it? i watered it daily.... is that too much? :( I had also notice that i saw many "pincher bugs" not too far from it, could they be destroying the roots?! i put some homemade food on the palm when it began too.... heres the link:

As instructed, i put 1 ounce of it per gallon of water.... it has HELPED my banana trees.... BTW does anyone know how big my musa basjoo will get this year? they are maybe a foot tall! thanks! and will they get bigger next year?!

i bought the palm from Willis Orchards BTW.... and i live near Pittsburgh :)

I attached an image below

Here is a link that might be useful:

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ericthehurdler(NOR CAL 9a)

you are definately over watering and perhaps over fertilizing. youd be better off watering it once a week, maybe less. and washingtonias dont need much fertilizer maybe twice a year.
as for the bannana, you can expect it to grow about 3-6 feet in one year.

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Washingtonia are pretty much desert palms, so watering it once per week is plenty! Maybe once per week is too much. You can see them growing like weeds in Las Vegas in dry cracks along the sidewalks and roads, and they hardly get ANY moisture, ever. When in doubt, purchase an inexpensive soil moisture meter and only water it when it's getting close to being dry. Never water it if the moisture meter still says "wet". Good luck!

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Unlike the Washingtonia, musa and ensete can take a fair amount of fertilizer. Best to give them a diet of fertilizer on a regular basis like every month. They tend to do very well if you give them an organic fertilizer like Milorganite. You really can't burn them by giving them too much Milorganite.

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