Today's pic :)

jaynboro(7 TN)June 23, 2011

Hey folks, just felt like sharing some pics!

Windmill palm


Jordie wanting back in the house!


Pond, trachy, jelly palm, and bananas


Mix of plants


Upright elephant ears


This years growth of tree philodendron


Variegated shell ginger, Mickey mouse taro, and baby trachy.


Lady palm inflorescence


Stag horn ferns


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Nice pics the pond looks very tropical. Do the alocasia(elephant ears) and the philodendron stay in the ground? How do you protect them in zone (6?)

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Beautiful plants! I love those staghorn ferns! Everything looks great! That pond is awesome and those elephant ears, lady palm, ginger, windmill palm, pindo, basjoo, southern mag,...everything!
Thanks for sharing!

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Hunter_M(Kentucky Z.6)

wow... I love your windmill and jelly palms. You, sir have a great yard!

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jaynboro(7 TN)

Statenislandpalm7a- yes this past winter they did stay in the ground. I cut off the elephant ears about two feet from the ground and packed pine needles around them and then covered them with a really large plastic pot to keep them dry. I did the same thing to the philodendron on a smaller scale. Honestly didn't expect it to come back but glad it did. Plus they are on the southwestern side of house.

Tropicalzone7- thanks! I love stag horn ferns too. They definitely remind me of Florida. My largest on the right is in a 12 inch by 12 inch orchid basket. It gets heavier every year. But it is tiny compared to those monsters down south!

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Jaynboro what was your lowest temperature this past winter

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Looking good!

Love the pond-

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Nice pics, this is my first year with upright EE's so its nice to know that they will survive with some protection. Pond area looks great with the bananas and palms.

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