Plumeria Cutting

Minderella(9 Lake County FL)March 3, 2012

I finally have a leaf coming out of one of two cuttings I bought. I am so excited, thought I would never get a leaf.

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Yeah!!!! Congrats. Must be doing something right. Wait till you get your first blooms. Welcome to the addiction. Peg

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia


It is such a wonderful feeling to see some action from out cuttings...

Please post picture when you are ready..we love to see pictures here!! : )

Take care,


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Minderella(9 Lake County FL)

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animalcraker(So Cal, zone 9)

What a cute little leaf. Do you know what variety the cutting is?


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Minderella(9 Lake County FL)

I don't know what kind it is but it is dark pink/yellow one. I got it from a gardenfest.

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Minderella(9 Lake County FL)

Update: I still only have the one leaf. How long does it normally take for a new leaf to appear? I am tired of waiting for this cutting to grow more. I want so much for this thing to grow. By the way I am thinking of trying a couple cuttings from Maui Paradise.

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kt2fl(okla z7)

Hi Minderella,

When I rooted my cutting last winter it took about 6 weeks for the cutting to root and develop a couple of bigger leaves. I notice larger cuttings will root much faster. My almost 3 foot long Miami Rose cutting rooted in 4 weeks! These were rooted indoors just like what you're doing. The key is patience. Has your only leaf gotten any bigger?

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Minderella, my Leona Hoke (rooted plant) put out a tiny leaf like yours after being in a warm house all winter, then it just sat there another few weeks not growing after I put it outside. It probably wants a certain consistent nighttime temperature before it really gets going. Give it another few weeks to adjust.

If you find at the beginning of May that it still isn't growing, check the stem just under the soil line for softness or rot. Good luck.

K2fl, Miami Rose is a famously vigorous grower. I had to notch a huge chunk of rot out near the tip of a MR last spring but the tip took off growing around the missing trunk like nothing happened. Looking forward to smelling those flowers!

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Minderella(9 Lake County FL)

The leaf has gotten bigger. I pulled the other cutting out of the soil, it was very soft.

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kt2fl(okla z7)


That's good the leaf is growing, your cutting should root in a couple of weeks if you keep it in warmer temperature. Sorry about your other one, is it squishy at the end when you pinch it? If that's the case, I would cut it back until I see white flesh and restart the rooting process.

Hi Jen,
I wish all cuttings are rooted as easily as MR. I heard it has a coconut scent, so I can't wait! Last week when temps were in the 80s here, all of my plumies were outside, then it unexpectedly dropped to 50 on Friday as the storm moved in. Now I have 2 that went dormant on me

I'm planning to drive down to Houston for the PSA sale in June. I heard it's a nice place to be for plumeria addicts :) Are you planning to be at the event this year?

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K2, let me answer your question with this:

I will be in this moshpit...

snapping up some of these beauties...

snaking my way around these people...

and hoping to get some of these...

that will eventually yield these...

and these:

If I'm lucky my basket will look like this again...

and I'll get a bloom as pretty as this:

I'm exhausted just thinking about it--in a good way :) If you can spare the time, it's definitely worth it. Mostly rooted plants, including huge 6-footers, with very few cuttings. Lots of great displays and the nicest people you could meet.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hey Guys and Gals!!!


I'm sorry to hear of your one cutting being soft...Like K advised, cut it back until you see all white and let it callas and then start over. I did this with one cutting from last year and i actually gave up on it. It was from a very nice person from CA and it meant alot to me that i had this particular cutting..I think i had to cut it back three times. It is now showing signs of leaf activity after one year. So..keep on trying! This winter i brought in the cutting and it looked so bad. (Sparky from BG) it was only about 6 inches and i was about to let it go in the trash, but i decided to keep it going with the heat mat and i left it alone. seeing growth!! Makes me happy!!!


I recieved a Miami Rose from a fellow Plumieholic here and the tree was huge. I haven't seen any blooms yet, but it is pushing an inflo right now. I did trim a few other branches and have them rooting as of last week. It will be interesting to see how fast they root. Hopefully, they will be fast because the cuttings were pretty good size as well.

I cant wait to hear how you like the sale down in Houston OMG Those pictures that Jen posted would get anyone stirring right now!!! LOL... Let us know what you decide to purchase so we can see these beauties grow and bloom with you!!


Hey!!! You have me going crazy over those pics from last year!!! Love all of the pics especially the full carts!!! Was that your cart in one of those pics? Will you have comapny to have one cart in front of you and then another to follow you? LOL I think this display of the trees and the way they have the setup of flowers labeled is a great way to show what is available.


They have great prices for rooted trees and anyone who lives in the area must attend this show.
I just wish i lived closer to this show....

Do you have your wish list ready yet?

K... Do you have one too?

Love to hear what you guys are interested in. I have been looking for a Mango Beauty and i haven't had any luck yet.

James has given me a few leads and i will check these out..Thanks James for the info!! I will get back to you soon!! Im out working right now...

Wanted to say that these pictures have me in a "State of Mind" and i wanted to thank you Jen for letting me see these pics that truly bring a smile to my face!!!

Hope all is well in Texas..

Take care everyone!!


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OMG !!!! I had forgot those pics of the sale. I agree with Laura. I'd be in sooooooooooo much trouble. Hope everyone has a great time and think of us too far away to go. We love to hear and see what you find. Peg

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Laura, half of those plants in the cart are yours, LOL! Every other one, in fact. The only thing on my list this year is a large Thorton's Lemon Drop, which I can't seem to find. Of course, I'll end up with others if I go to the sale again. I'll look for Mango Beauty for you if you don't find one first.

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kt2fl(okla z7)


Those pics are wonderful! That place is like a PLUMERIA HEAVEN!!! Now I can't wait to go. Does the cost typically go for $25-$30 per gallon pot or does it vary based on the rarity of the cultivar? Man, I better start a wishlist like Laura suggested! :)


It's so exciting your MR is about to bloom! I got mine from an eBay seller in FL. It's a 3ft healthy and plumped cutting sold for $10 so I couldn't pass it up. Let me know if it smells like coconut and sun tan lotion like people say.

I would definitely be in Houston but I think I might need more than one shopping cart (hmmm tempting to rent a big SUV right now LOL)


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KT, you will be like a kid in a candy store! You should definitely get the pre-sale list and mark exactly what you want in order of importance, then go straight to those sellers first because the rare or popular stuff goes FAST.

I found the prices higher than what you'd pay at Florida Colors or Brad's, but without the shipping cost. Most of the 1-gallons were in the $30-$45 range, but rooted and ready to grow. There were terrific buys in big (3-7 foot tall trees) for cultivars like Candy Stripe, Celadine, and Slaughter's Pink. I saw several 6-foot trees for $75.

There were very few cuttings at all, mostly established plants. Check the PSA site for the final sale list next month or in May. Let me know if you're going and we can meet up there.


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Brights(USDA zone 6)

Congrats! It looks good!

I'm curious - how do you post photos??

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hey Jen,

Im laughing so hard right now cuz you mentioned that everyother one was mine... Then the others were yours too! LOL...Just think what would happen if we were together... : ) Pretty Princess is a beauty!!! I cant blame you for wanting that one. Looks really good to me too! Im trying to locate Mango Beauty, and i would really like for you to see if it is available if you dont mind? That would be great. I know Dewaine had a pic up of one before and James is working with me on trying to find one. Thank you James!!!

We need to talk before you go to the show and start the hunt... Thank you for getting me those other beauties.. My Thornton Maverick is pushing an inflo now...But im concerned because of the temps here..i had to bring all of my trees in because we are having the temps drop to the upper 30's tonight and then again tonorrow night. They are all ready to begin new growth and are all awake and ready... When is that sale in Houston?

How are all of your trees doing?

Have you had anyy rain recently?

I need to get in touch and we can touch base..i still want to send that pic of the necklace to you ...

Thinking of you and i just saw that very nice note that you sent the other day.. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness!!! : )

Take care,


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Strangely, Pretty Princess wasn't for sale last year, at least not that I could see. You and I together would be dangerous at the show!

What a bummer about the falling temps! Is it just for a couple of days? We usually have that around here but the winter's been so mild that even the pecans are leafing out, which always means no more frost. We did get lots of rain the last two months--thanks for asking--more than the averages by far. My entire garden looks magnificent for the first time ever, thanks to some mature plantings that are finally reaching their glory.

The hibiscus seeds you sent are now planted as seedlings in the garden. About half a dozen survived. The adeniums, too, are repotted and thriving. I'll post pics later. Thank you again!

I think I'm as excited about Maverick's inflo as you are, lol! Yes, when the final list is out for the sale (there's one in June and another in July but I'll probably do June only) I'll be happy to pick up anything you want. I'm really just after a big TLD, which I have a lead on.

Talk soon,

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Hopefully this year I will not be out of town again.

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Brights, forgot to say that you need a photo account with flickr or photobucket or one of those sites to host your images. They have very easy one-click tools there to copy your images onto these posts.

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Pretty Princess is a seedling that one of the Plumeria Society members grew and is hoping to register. I fell in love with it too :)


I've never seen Mango Beauty but I can ask some of the members if they have it and also if they will have any for sale in June. Jandry is right, they do have an amazing assortment of plants and the hard part is deciding which ones you want to take home with you.

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Thanks for the info, Joan. I was under the impression that Pretty Princess is a Thai variety, though the one at the show was so much more beautiful than the photos I've seen online of the Thai version. Do they know who the pod parent is of the Houston flower?

Here is a link that might be useful: Thai Pretty Princess

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Joan,

I also love Pretty Princess ever since i saw the pics that Jen posted from the sale last year. It is simply one gorgeous tree!

I have always been impressed by a pic that Dewaine posted a year or so ago with "Mango Beauty" My friend Peg and i have loved it ever since... Freak4Plumeria (James) remembers that variety and has given me some i will continue to look for it. I will admit that I constantly say Mango Blush when i think of Mango Beauty...My friend Peg even printed the pic of this beauty when he posted it a while ago. We have been drooling over this pic for a long time. Hopefully i will find it somewhere... : )

Jen.. You and i would have so much fun at that show. What fun it would be to meet you all and have K be in the front of the cart brigade!! LOL... I agree that the Elizabeth Thornton Lemon Drop is a must have. It is one of my favorites. My Thornton Maverick is showing signs of the inflo pushing a little more. Our temps went down the other night into the low 30's and i had to bring all of the trees and DR's back inside again for the second time in two weeks. But, i really dont mine because its been such an early start to our spring and the trees are ready to get growing. I think of you everytime i look at my trees that you picked up for me. : ) Thank you again.

I cant wait to see your DR's..

Take care Joan and Jen...

Everyone else too!


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Hey, Anyone want to pay for my trip out to the sale? I'll be your cart caddy. I can push and pull real good, a good packer and even make suggestions what to buy.

Ok Laura, my keyboard is getting wet from the drool now.


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Brights(USDA zone 6)

Thank you Jandey!
I'll have to go set up an account.

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I had to repost this thread, so I could show K what Pretty Princess looks like. I bought a beautiful 3 tip plant today at the Rosenberg PSA sale. It was funny, they a lot of different plants than what they showed on the master list. K, wanted a red, I found a Bangkok Fire, but he did not want it. I wanted it but would have to put something back, and I did not want to. I love everything I bought today. What a great day, Barbra

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