outdoor germination recs?

chilemilioMarch 9, 2011

In the spirit of spreading the heat, i've given a variety of chile seeds to people at work. i've been showing my setup and tracking spreadsheets to some, and I think it is scareing them into thinking that they need to do the same for their seeds.. I don't really have outdoor space, so my experiments have been confined to apartments/balconies. Does anyone have any tips for newbie gardeners wanting to simply put the seeds in the ground, and see what happens? maybe including protection from rabbits and deer?

Thanks and regards -E

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I have never had luck starting peppers in the ground. I would start them in small cups or bowls and then transplant them when they have at least 4 leaves. Keep them in the shade till they are at least a foot tall. Then gradually work them in the garden. A pit bull will keep the deer and rabbits away. Just kidding. You can fence in the garden our use some cages over them .

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I have always had great luck with planting seeds right in the ground. Weather be peppers or tomatoes. I just water them everyday to keep them moist. They always grow great for me.

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Thanks for the reccomendations!.. I'll pass these along

Regards, -E

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