Need advice on moving Volunteer Sabal to his permanant incampment

madelinehereJune 19, 2013

Hi there --
I saw a thread about moving small Sabals - but didn't see/missed the "how to" part.

I will snap a photo of this fellow - he's growing smack dab in the middle of where I want to set up a gazebo.

Single frond about 6" to 1' long, a group of them, (5ish) appearing as if out of the ground (if I am remembering correctly) is what I have now.

So two things -

1) How to dig him out the "lazily" way (sorry not real strong or inclined to deep digging figured might as well be "real" eh?)
2) How to move him into the chosen spot across the yard?

Thank you so much -

Thrilled to find you all. I live in an area where people are more inclined to cut down their palms then revel in them - heck in such a hot place it's amazing to me how happily they will cut down large shade trees! I don't get these people... but I get you - and you get me!


Here is a link that might be useful:

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Dig them up and move them, leave a six inch root ball intact. Lazy way, I can think of one. Use a toothpick while lying on back and plonking grapes with the other. You cannot get more lazy then that unless you want to graduate to a feather.

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