Update. Garden complete! For now - Tons o pics

bradleyo_gwJune 10, 2012

From my chair on the front porch

You cam see on the right side, veggie garden finished

My new peach tree

The palm that started the madness 6 years ago

A new favorite, Daphne "Eternal Fragrance'. Didn't like it much at the old place, guess I just didn't put in a place I could smell it so much. Or maybe it's just more fragrant the older it gets?

Confederate jasmine

For those that like pics of other cities. I was in downtown Pittsburgh yesterday for the Pittsburgh Arts Festival, the largest free arts fest in the country. 2 weeks of live free music every day too with some good bands. Yesterday was bluegrass day. Happy Belated Bluegrass days Carl and others, Greensky Bluegrass, Peter Rowan Band and Del McCoury. I didn't have the cam so I, I mean my wife didn't take any pics of the band, but here are a few pics of the city and my kids, maybe my backside as well.

Oh, and I seem to have a habit of attracting blimps flying right over my house. This is probably the fifth one in the past 2...

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Very nice looking! You have a real knack and eye for the layout of your landscaping!
Isn't it amazing how us cold-hardy enthusiasts can remember the very first moment that we were captivated into this hobby? Mine was while driving around town and noticing a mature Windmill in someones front yard. I even stopped and went to their front door to find out the species. Since then I am noticing more and more windmills popping up around town - including my own yard :)
Now that I am done from teaching for the summer, I hope to get a few pics of my yard too.
Keep up the good work; your yard is lovely!

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Thanks, I've always been into palms, but just assumed I couldn't grow anything tropical until I misread that first tag, which was labeled as a trachy. Until then, my garden was nice and well kept, but with boxwoods, burning bushes, roses of sharon, perennials, etc... Your typical neighborhood look.

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You got alot of work done. I got into the hobby after visiting Virginia beach and seeing all the palms they grow there. My first palm was a majesty palm that i still have. the first palm i tried in the ground was Chinese fan palm which didnt make it but it got me interested in other palms.

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