Sick Plumie?

LizzaNVAMarch 23, 2012

Hi all, I'm a newbie plumie gardener but have an extensive container collection of citruses, figs, jades, orchids, etc. I just got my first plumie, a Dwarf Singapore Pink from Florida Colors. It had 3 small leaves on it when it arrived. I potted it in a riff on Al's Gritty Mix (I couldn't find turface) and it sat in a sunny window. It was starting to grow new leaves but the brown spots on one of the existing leaves started to look not so good. I've had issues with scale and mites on my jades and citruses so was dosing it with Neem right from the get-go. Then this last Sunday I looked at the brown spots and they were bright orange fungusy looking things. I immediately shot it with the Neem and wiped it down. The problem leaf looked so bad I cut it on Monday and then the other leaves all died. During this I also had it out on my balcony when it was in the middle 80's (in March!) but I erred in leaving it there over night b/c the temps went to 50. So I may have shocked the little leaves.

Any ideas on what the orange stuff was? Will it bug my other plants and will Neem work on it? And did I shock it?

Thanks so much!!!


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it should be ok as long as there are no soft spots. keep an eye on the growing tip as that is where its most vunerable. if the little claws at the very tip are growing, then its fine.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hey Liz,

I have put my trees outside as well. We are having the same temps as you are having down in VB and i left my trees out when the lows were down to 50 as well. Your tree should be fine. Can u take a pic of the orange spots? Sounds like it could be orange rust. (Mold/Fungus) I have had this during the fall when some of my trees were going dormant. Be careful about putting neem oil on the leaves and letting your trees stay out in the direct sun. This could burn your leaves...

I wouldn't be concerned about shocking your probably loved seeing the sunshine and feeling the warmth of the sun. Some of mine had some loss of leaves when i moved them and i think its natural for them to acclimate themselves to coming out of the semi dormant state they were in. Even if you loose some or most of the leaves, they will push up new ones in no time. Like HT said, watch the tips and if you see any activity (greening ) it will be fine. If you see black tips, that will be a diffenet story. So, for now, we will concentrate on your trees just adjusting to the new surroundings. Im sure it will be fine.

Good Luck..keep us posted!!

Take care,


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I would leave them outside from here on. The sunshine and air movement will help dry everything out. Bringing them inside keeps them moist and perpetuates problems. 50 won't hurt them. Put them in a sheltered spot that gets full sun.

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My DSP old leaves will get spotty and fall away. I figured it was how that variety drops its leaves since it comes back nice and strong every year.

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Thanks Laura and crew! It's back inside b/c we're supposed to have a frost with temps going into the 20's and 30's this evening. After mid 80's on Friday... I don't have the offending leaf now b/c I cleaned it off with the Neem and then cut it off after it looked like it was a goner. It was bright rust orange though and looked like a fuzzy fungus. Sounds like orange rust. Can I use the Copper I use on my figs to prevent rust?

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Liz,

I have been moving my trees and other plants back inside too!

We are expecting lows in the uppper 30's tonight and they are not staying outside. It really didnt take to long to bring them all inside and some i put in the greenhouse. I will be watching those temps in the mid afternoon when the temps really get high in the greenhouse.

K...I did get the shadecloth on the greenhouse and i think i have the auto vents fixed so it doesnt get to hot inside.

But you better believe i keep a close eye on the therom. after last year. I still have one tree that hasnt completely come back from that problem (Pele) still looks like it went thru a nuclear meltdown and the ends look so deformed. It still is fine besides this problem and i will continue to watch this one.

Liz...If you think that you can control the orange rust without spraying and treating it now..i would wait. If you see that it continues then i would spray with Bayer 3 and 1 only when its not going to be in the sun. I would think the natural way to take care of this problem will be when you get this little one outside in the sun and let it take care of itself. But if the problem continues, then i would spray.

I tried to find a pic of the orange rust that i had on my leaves a few years ago, but i cant find them in my Photobucket. Sorry!!!

Hope everyone has their trees tucked away inside if you are getting these low temps here like us!!!

Take care,


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