Bill will be so proud!

No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)March 20, 2014

Hi Friends,

As some of you already know I don't root cuttings I kill them. Not on purpose of course but I just didn't have much luck w/ my brown thumb.

But then late last year after swearing up and down that I would never root another cutting, my sister bought home two red NOIDs from her friend and I also got Samirie. By the time I let them callused enough to pot them up it was late October. This time I just put all three resting in a 5 Gal pot in the corner of my garage. I didn't even bothered with the heating pad or anything. So there they sat all through the Fall and Winter without a glance from me. No water, no misting, no coaxing, and no threatening either.

I just spent the past month removing mulch and planting some annuals and perennials and finally I'm all done! The weather is warmer so I decided it's time to take out the cuttings and see what's going on.

NOID Cutting #1

NOID Cutting #2


This is where I'm so confused... NOTHING is happening up top but I got roots?? That's why I was SHOCKED to see roots at all!!

Looks like Samirie is pushing an inflo. Do I get to keep this or not? It almost killed me last year to have to cut off it's HUGE blooming inflo so I don't know if I can do it again!

Well, I think Bill is right. All three of my cuttings rooted because I left them completely alone. I did not mother-henned them this time. Plus, I really think the heat pad was drying out my cuttings before... because these three look completely fine and not at all wrinkly like all my previous cuttings.

Now I can say I rooted cuttings but please do not send me any cuttings. LOL.

So do they have enough roots for me to transfer them into 1 Gal pots or should I continue to neglect them some more?? Safe to water them now or no? See I was fully expecting them to not live but now that they rooted I'm so frazzled I don't have a clue what to do next? What should I do now? :)

Thank you!

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GREAT JOB!!! What I would do is carefully cut them out of the water bottles by taking scissors & cutting vertical strips until you can fan out the strips & lift out as much as you can in one piece.

I would put them in a smallish pot & stake them well. Water thoroughly & you could even add some Superthrive if you want.

Put them in a spot they can acclimate & get a bit of sun. Then congratulate yourself on a job well done!!

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

Great job. You can leave the inflo and only remove if you do not get leaves in the next month. I would wait just a little longer until I see leaves start. Then plant the whole bottle in a 3-5 gal pot. Water but not in bottle. Twist bottle and pull out leaving a nice hole. Cut the bottom off the bottle with a razor. Split one side with a scissors, split other side. Put one side in hand and remove top half. Flip in you hand carefully and remove the rest of the plastic. Now slip into the hole and you are done. Half dose of fertilizer in a week and then water as usual. Bill

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

Thank you Emily!

Thank you Bill! I will wait and pray for some leaves then.

Oh Bill I bought a box full of Tuberose (mostly the the Single). I planted them all over my yard about 2 weeks ago. Fingers crossed they will grow. I have only ever planted tulip bulbs about 20 years ago but they didn't make it because I got curious after a few weeks and I went digging so see what was going on under the dirt. Yes I was mother-henning bulbs back then too. LOL I won't dig them up this time, I promise.

Have a great day!

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