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splaisMarch 9, 2011

So I see I can trim my Plumeria. I'm in Yuma AZ and my plant goes dorment in winter and drops all her leaves. Every spring she comes right back. Right now she has three branches about four feet long and a main trunk about 8-10" long.

From what I read she will branch out from whereever I trim her. Two questions.

Can I plant the branches I cut off and if so how should I do it?

It's coming on mid march. Is this the correct time to trim?


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mikeod(Z9 FL)

This is the time to prune plants. The resultant cuttings can be rooted to create new plants. See for info.Basically, put the cut pieces in a cool, dark place for a week or two. Dust/coat the cut end with rooting hormane and pot in a fast draining soil mix such as perlite and potting soil ( I use about 50/50 mix). Water once, and leave alone. Could take a few weeks or more to take root, depending on light and heat. Rooting is confirmed when the cutting has produced full sized leaves.

Make sure the remaining branches on the original plant are at least 4-6" long for new growth to occur. You will not get blooms on the original plant this year if you prune all the branches. Bill (TDOGDAD) advocates pruning some branches each year to control size and still get blooms. What you don't prune this year, do next year.

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