really big grubs

glorygrown(PA/6)May 10, 2009

As I plant vegetables in the garden this spring, I keep finding these really, really big fat white grubs. Not Japanese beetle grubs; these things are almost as fat and long as a thumb. Are they cicada grubs? Why are there so many? I obviously only find them where I dig, but they are almost everywhere I dig, so I guess there are a lot more out there that aren't being uncovered. Are they going to decimate my plants?

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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

Look for images of the grubs of green fruit beetle, Cotinis mutabilis

If that's what you have, not a problem. They eat dead stuff -- often in compost piles -- not live plants.

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The grubs you find in your soil are the larva of one of many members of the Scarab Beetle family, some 30,000 beetles that includes our common June Bug and the Japanese Beetle. About this time of year most will be starting to pupate to become the adults we see for a short time while they, the adults, mate and lay eggs that will become next years beetles. For these grubs to be a real problem you need about 10 per square foot, however any you do find can be put out for the birds and, especially, the various blackbirds you may have around you will really relish them.

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