Plumeria Paradise?

isobea(10, San Diego)March 16, 2012

Hi everyone,

I was just checking out the website of Plumeria Paradise in Chula Vista,CA, and now I am thoroughly confused. They are NOT open to the public, so I clicked my way through the different catagories. They have an amazing colection of plants, lots of them Thai. But some you can only order as an international customer OR domestic customer OR as rooted plants. Does anyone have info about this? Or has anybody ordered from them? If so, what was you experience?

Thanks for your input,have a great weekend and stay dry (if you are in southern CA),


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I saw them advertising on crags list a while back. I am up in fallbrook so it was too far for me to go on a whim, and i never made it.

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kt2fl(okla z7)


I have ordered from them before. The Thai cultivars you mentioned are probably imported from a Thai supplier named bkinterplants. Though I haven't verified it myself but I'm quite sure that's where they got their plants from.

Last fall I ordered a rooted cutting from them and I received a healthy rooted (not grafted) 2-tip cutting. It hasn't bloomed for me yet so I can't confirm whether or not I got what I ordered.

However the 2nd time when I placed another order, I didn't hear any status update from them in a week. I called but their number always directed me to the answering machine. So I emailed Otis (the owner) and inquired about my order. Shortly I got a refund and he said the cutting I ordered was unsatisfactory. He told me to order something else or wait until they import more of that cultivar.

The only thing that irked me was that when I went to their website, the cutting he said was not in stock was still listed on the website.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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isobea(10, San Diego)

Thanks guys for your responses.

Lucas: did they mention their business name in the craigslist ad? How could you tell it was them?

k2fl: I guess you had to order from the list of "rooted plants/cuttings". I just checked again - there are 45 cultivars available in that category. There are 41 cultivars in the category: cuttings - domestic customers, and 88 in the category: cuttings - international customers. I still don't get why all of them would not be available to us here in the US. Of course, I am interested in 2 or 3 in the category: international customers. Wouldn't you know it...
Can't wait to get your feedback about your plant blooming true, k2fl - maybe this summer...
If anybody else can shed light on these issues, chime right in.
Have a great weekend everyone,

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