Pesky Angry Hornets and Bees

dogmummyMay 4, 2013

Hi all,

We live on 9 acres outside of Richmond, VA. Last summer, we discovered very large hornet/bees (they are black-and-yellow striped, 1.5-2inches long, long and thin as opposed to fat bumblebees) that live under the bark of a very large tree in the back yard (oak, we are pretty sure). I have spoken to our ag co-op office and they looked at me like I was crazy describing these things, as did other people I spoke to, but then my sanity was restored when my intern told me they have them too on their farm - and they are so nasty, her family actually doesn't use their front door in the summer. The co-op office asked me to bring some of them in or at least a photo but if we are that close to them, we are running for our lives, not taking out a camera.

These guys need to GO! If you get within 8 foot of the tree, they attack you - you don't need to be bothering them or anything - just walking past the tree, a few of them will buzz at you. This is a major issue because our shed is next to the tree and our dogs like to lounge under the shady tree. My husband was stung last year and they burned for almost a week.

Any thoughts on what these buggers are and/or how to get rid of them... without being stung to death?

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Look up the European Hornet and compare. Your description certainly fits.

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Could be the European Hornet or the Yellow Jacket. Both can be very aggressive in defending their homes. Both are, aside from the propensity to sting humans, beneficials in that they eat many other insects. If the nest was in that tree last summer chances are slim it will be there this summer.

Here is a link that might be useful: European Hornet

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Hm, might be them. The photo has red on them but I don't think ours has any red. They are much to large to be yellow jackets.

We have only seen a few so far this year so I think they are definately still around.

The problem is, aside from their stinging us - our dog is very allergic, as we have recently discovered (after a very expensive vet bill when she was stung twice!) and they look like they are destroying the tree, which is very very large and a main feature in the yard.

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