Updated Photos of my Tropical Bronx Yard

Robert HowardJune 26, 2013

Hey All. Hope everyone is having a great summer. Took some pictures of my front yard today that I wanted to share. I also Noticed that on one of my Trachys new frond looks defected. Not sure what's causing it. Maybe someone can help me identify the cause of it. Also have some questions:
I planted them in early March, fertilized in late March. When should I fertilize them again?
Now that its Hot how often should I water them. (It seems like I have pretty good draining soil. They also receive lots of sun most of the day (southern exposure)

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Robert Howard

This is the same Trachy with the damaged frond. Already grew about 4 new Fronds since March.

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Robert Howard

This is my front yard. The Trachy closest to the house gets the most shade and looks the healthiest. I think this one will have the best chance of survival since it is the closest to the house. Just hope I did not plant it to close the house. The one closest in the picture flowered. Going to have lots of fun building mini green house around them this year!

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Robert Howard

This is my Musa Bajoo. Its grows a new leaf about every 4 or five days. Already cut 3 pups off of it. I gave the pups to my neighbors who wanted to try to grow them. I try to keep it neatly pruned since I restricted with space. so far so good. Last winter I cut of the leaves and wrapped the trunk with insulation. It worked and got a good head start this spring.

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Awesome pics! They look very healthy. I wouldn't worry about the new frond, it looks healthy to me. My trachy had weird bends in the new fronds too at times. I think it's caused by stress, but the fronds grow out normally and it seems to happen with healthy looking plants.

The Basjoo is already looking really full considering it's not even july yet! My fastest growing bananas only have 4 leaves so far, looks like yours is working on it's 7th!

Thanks for sharing!

Here is a link that might be useful: My Plant Blog!

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k4idx(7 -GA)

Occasionally, my Trachys will get some damage on new or emerging spears during the winter and they look very similar to the damage yours is showing. I think it's more moisture than cold and aside from the visual imperfection on those fronds it doesn't seem to harm anything.

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Water them?! This month may soon go down as the wettest June ever! Take a look at your local extended forecast. Locally, we had about 10 inches already for the month! Don't water, certainly while his monsoon persists. (I wonder if the leaf with the problem was not in part due to excessive moisture on the leaf bud). This past Spring was real cold, I would hold off on the early spring fertilizing next time, especially if it is cold. Feeding is fine now, but I wonder how useful it is with heavy rain forecasted. (Won't a lot of it just get leached anyway?) I am waiting and hoping for the weather to settle down and dry up. Also, from what I have read, you don't worry about your palm being planted to close to the house. (Palm roots are not invasive or destructive to property.) Good luck with them!

Here is a link that might be useful: Local forecast

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