What type of palm is this?

nickolas233June 5, 2012


My nice older neighbor gave this to me when he saw all the work I was putting into landscaping my yard. I'm not sure what type of palm it is and I want to make sure to plant in an optimum spot. Once I know what type it is I can do some research and decide where to plant it. I want to say its a majesty palm? But I'm not sure. Thanks in advanced for your help!

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Looks like a butia, depending on where you live will determine the placement, but full sun is safe no matter where you live. You don't say where you live, but it is a Z8 palm so if you are borderline or stretching zones, keep it in a protected spot if you can.

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Thanks Bradleyo, I am right on the border between zones 8/9. You are right it is a butia, thanks so much for the tips

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I agree, defintiely a butia and a pretty nice one too. It should do fine in your zone 8/9. They love lots of sun and water!

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