identify please -- good, bad, or indifferent?

woohoomanMay 2, 2013

Found these on my flowering parsley plants. Not the best of pics-- I had to enlarge in photoshop. They're about a mm or 2 in size and have little tiny wings.

Syrphid flies? I so hope it's a beneficial since all I ever see in MY garden are PESTS. Although what caught my eye in the 1st place was a ladybug.



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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Carpet beetles - Anthrenus species.

They're adults. They eat pollen. Don't damage plants.

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Thanks Jean. :) I'll leave 'em be.

Damn it though! One would figure that if there's PESTS to munch(which, in my garden, there's seems to always be plenty), that there would be beneficials munching. But, Noooo!


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Find us a creature that consumes nothing but Japanese Beetles in any stage of development. Milky spore isn't quite cutting it, I'm afraid. Digging a hole for my Tulip Tree, I found several dozen grubs in a 3' radius. This ought to be an interesting summer...

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