phlox and dalias

sammy zone 7 TulsaAugust 29, 2014

My roses are fine, but my phlox plants, and my two dalias seem to be finishing for the year. Should I expect these two plants to continue like the roses do, or do they usually stop blooming this time of year? Also my large salvia plants with the larger leaves do not look good.

I have tried to water well, but I also expect many of these plants to use the water that the roses have, and have not given them special care.

What plants do many of you use in the fall? This will be my first fall to care since this is my first year in retirement. (I have new spirea that are beautiful, but since they are new, I have watered them almost daily.


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Dahlias (haven't grown for years), typically peaked for me around frost I recall. They did exceptionally well as things cooled down and got a bit wetter.
Phlox are pretty much done and toasted by now....esp with powdery mildew issues.

If you want fall flowers, plant asters, or annuals like cosmos bipinnatus (also tend to just get bigger and better till frost). Some perennials like rudbeckias, goldenrods, and salvias are the main power houses till frost, but perennials get tired and spent after a period of bloom, after all nothing lasts forever.

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

Thanks, dbarron. I need to cut what I have, and see if they won't come back. I have not been good at pruning the dahlias, and some of the phlox plants were too small when I purchased them, and they never took off. I don't seem to be able to find many fall plants now in the discount stores. It looks like I will have to drive over to a nursery where I can find some fall plants.


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