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rox146March 18, 2014

So, I have been rooting Pauahi Alii, Guillot Sunset, Wave Rage since this time a year ago (2012)....still waiting. Anyone else have a long time rooting these names? The rest in the photo are from10-13....and have past up the others : Loi Kratong, Calif. Sally, Purple Jack, Clare Corre, Midnight Ruby and Jeannie Moragne...all from this past October...(2013) All were rooted and treated the same. I had to toss the smaller cutting from over a year ago of Pauahi Alii.... so now I only have the one and the next photo shows how shriveled it is but putting out small leaves....HELP! roxanne

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this is how shriveled the cane is....

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yet....finally the tip is shooting out leaves and where I cut off the info, and put the LET....does this not look like a new shoot forming? Any input is greatly appreciated...hardest one for me to root yet! roxanne

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Rox, I rooted a Pauahi Ali'i as a beginner so I would say not difficult, although each cutting could be different. What I would take the closest look at is your callus before you root- I've had some develop what jandey taught me is a 'walnut callus' and in that case it usually won't ever root. (Nubby like a walut) Or, a particularly weak cutting for whatever reason or also, just a not well formed callus.

One of the most important things I've learned is how much the tree being hydrated before taking a cutting is crucial. If the tree is watered well the cutting gets a boost for sure. If this isn't your own tree obviously no control over that LOL!

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Rox - Maybe you're good to go with that one. Hope so! I have been attempting to root a Hilo Beauty since August 2012... yes, 2012. :)

That thing looks like shriveled death but it is putting out a few small leaves on all 4 branches. I just leave it alone, never bother it at all. This winter it has been in a back corner where I couldn't get to it if I wanted... not without moving lots of other plants.

I'm wondering if it has just enough energy left in it to push these leaves before it finally succumbs to a final death, or if it has, in fact, rooted. We shall see.

Emily - I took a few cuttings from my trees and did not water them first. Why didn't I think? A novice mistake as this was the first time I have -willingly- taken cuttings. lol
One good thing, 2 of the cuttings I took was from Aztec Gold. AG can survive those novice mistakes!

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Thanks Moonie, fingers crossed! roxanne

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

im surprised Guillot sunset is taking so long for you. Seems like mine last spring sent out roots within a week of starting it. I was shocked how quick it rooted.


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MIKE, this has happened on 2 Guillot Sunsets for me, had to toss one....all treated the same but they were small. Go figure. roxanne

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Rox, I had a gifted Guillot's Sunset that took ages to root, too. It still hasn't really established well and I got it in 2012. Maybe that was a bad vintage, lol.

I also had a generic red cutting from Kauai that shriveled as much as your photo and I put it in coir and set it on a shelf in the kitchen right under a can light. It rooted quickly over the winter with that light on it 12 hours a day, and without any bottom heat.

You can try misting yours or even sitting it in water with Superthrive for a day or two and see if it plumps up.

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thanks all of you. I have misted with weak Superthrive and am hoping for the best.....roxanne

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Hi Rox - Where are you rooting? Greenhouse, outdoors, etc? Just curious as I was re-reading the Eggenberger book on Plumeria culture and they indicated soil temps of 80 degrees helped rooting in their tests. I know you're on the coast so some food for thought....


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We have what we call a SUNROOM that is mostly glass and I put them out there on a heat pad thru the late fall and early winter....all are outside now and looks as though they are making it, except Pauahi Alii.....VERY slow, I think it was not from the best source (not mentioning names) roxanne

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roxanne - well I guess that about covers it. But there's only one exception I believe was not covered: music.

Have you tried singing to it yet? I've heard many people talk about how singing to their plumeria helps them root faster and cures all kinds of ailments! Black tip, root rot, etc. Perhaps a little luau music in the background would help it feel at home? Depending upon it's age, a little Don Ho might do the trick. Or if it's a newer cutting, maybe a little 'Iz' or some Ho'onua?

If it's an American native, maybe some Jack Johnson would give it a little life? If it's a really new cutting, perhaps some Bruno Mars.

And if the family tree runs really deep, maybe a little Mozart or Bach would give it a lift? You never know with these things but it's sure worth a shot!

....Okay, so none of this would really pass the scientific sniff, but I had fun writing it up :-)

May your plumeria root strong and provide many years of joy and comfort!


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

To funny...

I have one that might work....

Somewhere over the Rainbow - Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwoûole

Always helps... ;-)


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I can only play my Hawaiian music, which I love, when my husband is gone. I do play it for them in the garden at every opportunity...mahalo nui loa.....roxanne

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