Pindo Palm Tree

AGC15June 18, 2014

We just moved in to a new house a little more than a year ago. I pruned a tropical plant in the front yard at the end of winter. It is actually a pindo palm tree, just found that out. I read that pindo palm should not be pruned. It is not growing much now just a few leaves. The main stem has been trimmed so it is very short right now. I don't know if it is going to survive. Anyone knows about pindo palm tree?

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Actually, I meant to say the trunk has been trimmed, not stem. I may have killed the palm tree, except there are a few fronds growing at the branches. But the growth has stopped at the trunk.

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It is not exactly clear what you did when pruning it. A pic would help illustrate exactly what you are asking. All the new growth from this palm will come out of the one central meristem (gowth point where the new fronds come out of), and if you cut this off, the palm will die. Palms will not branch or grow a new top like other types of plants can when trimmed. It's hard to imagine that you managed to cut this growth point completely out while leaving a few green leaves below. If you just cut down the newest emerging leaves (call the spear), the plant can live but not be happy or look very nice while new ones grow in. You can prune old fronds from the bottom up on a Pindo, as they turn brown and and become unsightly. Also, if you are in zone 7, that palm will not be a long term viable plant anyhow without some winter protection.

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