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eemedrelytJune 3, 2010

My Washingtonia Robusta had a new frond growing, and I noticed that it was appearing brown. It grew some more and then I noticed it started growing green again(like the top half of the frond green, then a brown line from side to side in the middle and then the bottum half green). The frond just rips and bends back and forth form the brown line. I cut the frond all the way down to the brown spot since it would have ripped off from a windy day. Is this just like some weird defective growing? I know the palm aint dead, since i pulled on the frond it didnt come out, and the remaining part of the frond is green.

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brooklyngreg(7a NYC coastal plain)

Its probably old winter damage growing out. Indicating the palm needs some more winter protection.

I would not cut it off as a rule because even the brown is not going to tear from wind like you suspect. The palm needs some recovery time and care - like fertilizer.

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i agree, i have a few just like that of what you described. if your temp. got pretty low this past winter it would be the cause of this! maybe below 25*F or so. mine got down to 20*F this past winter & a few in the pots had this but none in the ground! it should bounce back really quick with all the hot weather lately!

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