white patches on soil

temp_phillipsMay 7, 2007

My garden has a problem with crops of white patches. They are on the surface of the soil, especially in areas shaded by other plants. I don't see these plaques on the plants. What is this?


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That depends. What kind of soil do you have?
What is the level of organic matter in that soil?
Were synthetic fertilizers applied?
How wet is the soil?

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Soil is in a mature hardwood forest, first tilled early last spring. It naturally has lots of organic matter (virgin woodland), some sand (coastal flood plain), and enough clay to form a loose clod in your hand.
I don't know how to quantify the organic matter, but there are lots of earthworms and bugs. I added some chicken manure last spring. I occasionally water with miracle grow. The soil is wet after it rains or I water, but we've been in a drought down here, and I water every other day. I don't think it's too wet. Before I water, it actually is very dry.

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botanybob(Northern Idaho)

You probably have a fungus growing on the decomposing organic matter in your soil. I think this is where kimmsr was going with those questions. If there is a lot of organic matter, if it is fresh, and moisture is sufficient, the fungus can appear on the soil surface. It is harmless -- does not cause disease, and beneficial in that it helps break down organic matter into nutrients that the plant can use.

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Sometimes when a synthetic fertilizer is used a whiteish crust will form on the soil as the salts from those fertilizers are washed out of the soil. Most often I se that happen in soils that do not drain well.
Sometimes, if the soil has a lot of organic matter, a fungus can form that looks an awful lot like a dog came by an vomited which is why that fungus is called "Dog Vomit Fungus".

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I think it is salts if you are on clay soil, and I think I got a bit of that DVF fungus. Is that an edible mushroom?

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