Aji amarillo or Peruvian Yellow Hot Pepper

herefauxMarch 18, 2012

I am just wondering if anyone has experience growing this. My husband is Peruvian and we have eaten many dishes with this pepper, usually made into a sauce. I love it. We recently found jars of it in a small grocery store but now I have decided to grow it.

I have seeds and have started them indoors under lights, although none have sprouted yet. I'm not really sure of growing requirements so this year will be a trial and error year. I'm very excited though, these peppers are delicious!

I have not yet decided where to plant them outside. I have a western raised bed on the patio, or annual vegetable garden boxes. Or I wonder if they would do best in the strawberry patch which is on the south side and full sun. We shall see. Can peppers be interplanted with strawberries?

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I grew the AJI's last year and I loved them. I have a few more this year. I grow them in my garden like any other pepper...they can take full sun no problem. If you have boxes where you have grown other peppers, you should be fine. No real special requirements. Not sure about growing them with strawberries.

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Great! I am glad to hear they are not hard to grow.

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