spirea and rosemary

sammy zone 7 TulsaAugust 6, 2014

Do any of you grow Blue Mist Spirea (Dark Knight) or Rosemary?

I am attempting to adjust my garden for my lifestyle. We have many rose beds, a hillside with roses and crape myrtles, and a blank area. Rather than to put in more rose beds or grow grass, I want more of an easy care area.

I already purchased the spirea, and thought I might have a mini oasis in that area, then large or paving rocks through the rest of the area.

What could I expect as a problem with the spirea or rosemary?


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I could never grow either one of them...probably due to overly moist winter/spring soil, when I lived in Oklahoma, so my advise is only...'I couldn't grow it'.
I hope your experience is better.

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I am successfully growing rosemary this year, in a pot. And mostly ignoring it. Partial shade and I lay the pot sideways after a rain to let excess water drain faster. I have killed so many I felt bad for it when I brought it home. I was sure its days were numbered. I think as long as it can stay mostly dry its happy

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

I grow Dark Knight successfully in a very dry couple of years and then lost it during a very wet winter. I was growing it in amended clay. My experience with Rosemary is pretty much the same. It does great until we have a very wet winter or spring and then it dies. I just don't have soil that drains well enough for it, even in raised beds. Neither one had any pest problems though, so they might grow just fine for you in your well-drained soil.

Like Kim, I have success with rosemary in a pot, particularly as long as I ignore it and don't water it until it shows signs of moisture stress. I add some sand to a standard soil-less mix when I put Rosemary in a pot since it likes a really well-drained growing medium. Rosemary is more prone to freeze when it is in a pot, so I either bring it indoors or put it in the greenhouse for the winter.

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I was wondering if I could bring it in since I have grow lights going anyway. Good to know
Thanks Dawn

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Kim, You're welcome.


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