Squash Bug eggs/nymphs Found on Passion Vine

susanlynne48(OKC7a)August 16, 2012

Is this unusual? I found them by chance because I have tons and tons of Passiflora incarnata. At first I thought perhaps they were Assassin Bug eggs/nymphs, but no, definitely Squash Bugs. The vine is across the sidewalk from the squash plants, so I thought it was truly odd. Has anyone else ever found them on non-cucurbit plants?


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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

I'd say to some extent it is unusual, but I don't think it is completely unheard of. I have heard of people having them attack various other plants, (sometimes vegetables, sometimes flowers) but haven't seen it myself. It makes sense though. If they are able to adapt and eat non-cucurbit plants, then they can expand their population even more. Since many insects are highly adaptable and evolve over time (for example, fire ants are becoming more cold-tolerant and moving farther north every year), I think it is likely squash bugs do adapt to eating non-cucurbit plantings.


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Karlieb(6b SEKansas)

Some of my squash plants got close to my new blueberries.

When I saw a black, wilted cane tip I looked more closely and many, many eggs of the squash bug so it may depend on proximity of cucurbitae.

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Thanks for the responses everyone. I'm absolutely NOT going to check the entire passion vine (it is massive) for SB eggs. In fact, the SBs could have quite a lot of it in exchange for leaving the squash plants alone, lol!

It's a miracle I even found the eggs to begin with, since I seem to have about an acre of it growing in a tiny front yard.

I agree with both of you, I had just never heard of it happening with SBs. Butterflies are certainly known to change their larval host plants when their preferred hosts are not available for whatever reason. Survival of the species.


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