Chamaedorea unknown

lzrddr(91360)June 9, 2010

I am supposed to know my palms, but I cannot recall where I got this one, and its identification has always eluded me... anyone recognize this one... sort of burned with recent exposure to sun (on the north side of my house but it's getting over 10' tall and sticking its neck up where it doesn't belong). Too tall I think for microcarpa (and too wimpy in cold weather), too leaves too wide for most other species save maybe potchutlensis.. .but sort of sparsely leaved for that one.

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I think its a parlor palm. The fruit looks the same and so does the trunk. The fronds also look very parlor palm-like to me.
Thats my guess, I guess its possible that its a rarer Chamaedorea because parlor palms take at least 10 years to reach the size of the one you currently have. I dont think parlor palms clump so if its a clumping palm you can rule that out.

Good luck!

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yes, it is a clumper, and it grew this tall in only 4 years. And leaflets far too wide and far apart for Chamaedorea elegans.

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I am starting to grow a few different Chamaedoreas but not good at identifying them at this time. Here is a link of different Chamaedorea's to help you know which one it is.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pacsoa/Chamaedorea

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