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rox146March 8, 2013

aloha to all,

Is there not some great and wonderful place where you can check on the scent/ease of rooting/growth habits/flowers specs......etc. on these favorite flowers of ours? It would certainly make life easier at this time of year when we are all plotting our next purchase ...mahalo, roxanne

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Hi Roxanne! As far as I know, there really isn't. I was thinking that maybe all of us here could start a thread here and we could contribute the knowledge on the plumeria that we grow and maybe if we could get enough participation, we could have a pretty good list of different cultivars and there traits. I know that most people are very busy, but I just don't know how else we could have access to this info?


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Hi Andrew,

Good minds think a like.... :-) I used to grow 250 roses..some do different in different areas and I think the same for the lovely frangipani. But it would sure be nice to get as much info from people as possible as the kind nursery/suppliers of course want to sell as many as they they are all wonderful ones to buy....right? Even with my now 160 plumes, some people cannot even smell the things or it is a different scent to them. A work in progress I guess...mahalo, roxanne

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Roxanne, I believe that PSA is working on compiling the info. I think they have different people working on different parts. The problem is that they change so much by the circumstances, it will be hard to have it right for everyone. Then add in all the duplicate names and makes it even more confusing. I'll bump a post on here that talks about it. Peg

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Thanks Peg,
I do have the AKA list from the San Diego group they sent to me 2 years ago....AMAZING reading to say the least.

Once I can figure out how to post photos, I hope to do the same as some have done on this forum, I have learned a lot and would be fun to give back some in photos...mahalo, roxanne

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